Fractora is a marvelous treatment. It tightens and firms your skin, it reduces acne scars, it shrinks wrinkles.  It gives delightful results in areas that are traditionally hard to get good results, like lip lines, crows-feet and forehead wrinkles. There is a reason it is one of our favorite treatments as well as a favorite of our clients.


At SkinScience, we do not believe in cookie cutter approaches to skin care. Every time you as our patient comes through our doors, we re-evaluate and re-analyze your skin. Through this constant and regular process, we get to know your skin and your goals very well.  This allows us to create the perfect plan for YOU, all while adjusting your plan and treatment to how YOUR skin responds and changes.


We extend constant re-evaluation and customization to all of our treatments, including our Fractora treatments. We have talked about the benefits of IPL boosted Fractora, but another customization option that you might be the ideal candidate for is our double Fractora.  Here are some of the differences between our Single Fractora and our Double Fractora:


Single Fractora

This is where we start most patients with their first Fractora treatment.  A Single Fractora uses one treatment head.  The treatment head used for this treatment will tighten and firm your skin, target fine lines, help improve shallow acne scars, shrink pores, shrink lines around your lips and create livelier looking skin. It can safely be used over your entire face including around the eyes and over areas considered “bony” like foreheads. A Single Fractora will also tighten and firm the skin on your neck, helping to reduce fine to medium sized wrinkles on your neck.


Double Fractora

A Double Fractora uses two treatment heads. The one we talk about above, AND one that targets deeper collagen. With a Double Fractora you will see all of the improvements we see with the single above, AND we can shrink/reduce jowls (sagging or uneven jawline) tighten your double chin, lift the cheeks to reduce nasal labial folds (deep smile lines) shrink deeper wrinkles and target medium to deep acne scars.


During a Double Fractora, we are able to layer the two treatment heads over the same area, ensuring the absolute maximum possible positive results, even in areas with multiple concerns. A Double Fractora treatment means we are able to offer you a more customized treatment. Custom treatments mean better results.


Add and IPL Booster

Yes, you can add an IPL booster to your Single Fractora or your Double Fractora for the best results possible.  Adding an IPL booster means your skin will be firmer, tighter, have less wrinkles AND be more even. (It really is like turning the clock back several years)


Who needs makeup when you have this amazing combination of treatments?


Not you!


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