Red? Purple? Silver? White? The Science of Stretch Marks

When stretch marks are just starting to appear on your body, they can look red or purple. Purple or red stretch marks occur when your skin is expanding and when there are micro tears in the skin’s collagen and elastin. With more blood vessels in your injured skin, that’s why stretch marks appear red or purple. These colours could last for months or years after the stretch marks first showed up (Awesome. Not.)

If you have older or mature stretch marks, they look white or silver. This happens after blood vessels fade and when there’s no longer an inflammatory response. More mature stretch marks have less collagen and elastin compared to non-affected skin.


Losing weight will NOT remove your stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are considered scars so they’ll still be there when you drop pounds. Stretch marks usually occur due to a few things that cause the skin to stretch: pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss.


Thin people don’t get stretch marks ==> WRONG!

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are—people of all sizes can have stretch marks. When people go through puberty, a stage where hormones are rapidly changing, stretch marks can form. Even if a thin person has an impossibly fast metabolism and never gains weight, hormonal imbalances causes stretch marks.

Body builders who are notoriously fit and built can also sport some stretch marks. These marks are usually seen on the upper chest or shoulder areas.


So what can I do to improve the look of my stretch marks?

The introduction of Fractional RF (also known as FRACTORA) a few years ago has revolutionized the treatment of stretch marks. We used to be able to only work on red & purple stretch marks, while there was nothing scientifically-proven to remove the silver and white ones (apart from surgically removing them of course, which will most likely leave a scar).


Fractional RF works on red, purple, silver and white stretch marks, to help improve the look, texture and appearance of those unsightly dermal scars. When coupled with traditional RF (bipolar radio frequency) treatments, the results can be spectacular. ~Marie Bertrand


Research shows that 70-90% of women have stretch marks, which can impact our self esteem, especially when bikini season is around the corner.

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