Here are 42 reasons You Deserve Laser Hair Removal!

  1. You are awesome!

  2. Because shaving is the absolute pits (bazinga!)
  3. You deserve that extra 15 minutes of sleep every morning that not having to shave will give you
  4. Because you are sick of sitting in that meeting at work wondering if anyone can see “it” -that embarrassing hair you hate.
  5. No one wants to be mistaken for a bear at the beach
  6. Smooth skin feels amazing

  7. No more disposable razors is a good thing for the environment
  8. Last minute pool party? No hair no problem
  9. Gliding into your bed every single night stubble free
  10. Because band aids over razor nicks is only cool when your 16

  11. Because razor burn hurts!
  12. Saving money. No more hair, means no more shaving supplies
  13. Never again be embarrassed by a friend pointing out where “you missed a patch”
  14. Because shaving cream leaves the WORST soap scum in the shower – ugh!
  15. Hot date? No worries, you are already ready!

  16. Because ingrown hairs drive you bonkers
  17. Feeling your best increases confidence
  18. Because explaining away razor burn is just awkward
  19. Nothing is sexier than confidence, and not worrying about unwanted hair makes you feel confident

  20. Traveling with shaving supplies is a drag
  21. Traveling without shaving supplies is bliss!
  22. Because Burt Reynolds was cool in 1977 and it is now 2018

  23. Being beach ready without the painful pre-vacation wax appointment
  24. Trying to inconspicuously scratch itchy shaving re-growth can get you some very judgmental looks.
  25. Your tired of feeling like a contortionist in the shower
  26. When it’s time to “get busy”, you won’t have to get busy shaving to feel ready.
  27. No more scratching your significant other/cuddle buddy to death before you go to sleep at night
  28. Bleaching creams give rashes
  29. Only chickens should be plucked
  30. Tweezers pinch
  31. Because body hair doesn’t actually keep you warmer in the winter

  32. Shaving takes soooooo long
  33. Because dressing to accommodate unwanted hair gets very tiring.
  34. Because “Hair” the musical was first performed in 1979 and that was decades ago
  35. Laser hair removal is the modern solution to old problems
  36. SkinScience has the most up to date technology
  37. SkinScience uses the most effective wavelength of laser for all laser hair removal treatments
  38. You no longer want to compete with your dog for furriest family member in the household

  39. Because “modern” razors are still based on a design created in 1875, science has taken us a long way since then, it’s time to use it to your advantage.
  40. You have enough to worry about day to day – who wants to worry about unwanted hair anymore?
  41. Because SkinScience is an award-winning laser clinic.

  42. Because you work hard every day and deserve to have a hair free life!



Those are the 42 reasons You Deserve Laser Hair Removal! What are you waiting for? Start your hair free life with SkinScience today!


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