1) Because when you invest in yourself, YOU always win.


2) So your 5 year old will no longer point at your tummy with wide eyes (in a public place of course) and ask “Mommy, WHAAAATTT happened?”


3) To feel smoother and sleeker wearing your underwear around your bedroom (or house, depending on how you do things….)


4) To feel like your outside matches how you feel on the inside.


5) Because Muffin Tops are awesome in a bakery, but less enjoyable in the bedroom.


6) So the next time you are at the beach with your stretchmark less sister (whom you love, but seriously how’d SHE get those genes!), you feel a restored sense of confidence.


7) Because a nothing is sexier that a confident woman.


8) You worked your ass off, literally. Losing all that weight, you go! Time to ice the proverbial cake and shrink some stretchmarks.


9) More collagen is ALWAYS better.


10) Everyone wants tighter skin. (Seriously, ask a 20-year-old if they want tighter skin, try it.If she says no, we will be shocked)


11) Feeling like your best self inspires you to do the things that help you be your best self.


12) Because even though we all say we’ve made peace with never wearing a bikini again, secretly we will admit that it would feel fabulous to wear one again.


13) So that every morning getting ready, standing in your underwear in the bathroom is a more positive experience.


14) So you feel more comfortable when asked “if we can keep the lights on” 😉


15) Loving yourself is a muti-tiered, multi-faceted process and there are many ways to do that – including treating yourself to treatments.


16) Because you rock, and you deserve it!


17) Because you want to!




Every day we hear from clients, saying “I wish I had come sooner!” or “I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”.


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