Each of us have our very best friend, the one that would walk through hot coals to save you from a creepy admirer at a bar, the one who has literally picked you up off the floor when you had a few too many or were broken hearted (or both), the friend that gives you a ride when your car broke down, made you a casserole when you were sick and isn’t afraid to tell you that “yes, your butt totally looks bad in those jeans, save yourself and never put them on again!”


At SkinScience we believe in the power of friendships, in the power of sharing the love and lifting each other up.  We love celebrating love and friendship and in that in mind – we are excited to announce Contest #3.


Contest #3 is designed for you to win something great for the person who has been there for you through the good times and the bad – even though they might not be genetically propelled to do so. The person that chooses to be there for you simply because they are just the most awesome friend. Now is your chance to win the best for your BFF!


You enter, and your BFF could win the following prize:


1 Hour Comprehensive skin consultation


$250 to use towards Skin Care Products – specifically chosen for their skin!


Advanced Dermaplaning Treatment



How to enter:


1)Post a photo of your best friend on Facebook or Instagram, giving us a brief description of what your BFF has done to save you


2) Tag us (Facebook – @skinscienceclinic or Instagram – @theskinscientist)


Voila! You have entered to win the prize for your best friend.




Entries will be accepted until August 14th, with the winner announced on August 15th!



To book an appointment for yourself or purchase a gift certificate for someone call us at


(403) 287-1477





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