Did you know that no matter your skin type, you should be using a face moisturizer in order to protect your body from external threats (chemicals, allergens, toxic substances and infectious microorganisms) and to maintain homeostasis (balance) and water loss from within?

The importance of balanced skin hydration and moisture cannot be stressed enough. It is essential for a healthy skin barrier and proper physiological functions. In other words, the skin barrier needs to have (and retain) an optimal balance of naturally-occuring lipids (ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids) and water in order for the cells to do their job properly and for the skin to remain healthy and vibrant. 


The choice of a hydrating product is based on your skin type, and preference for scent. 


  • Dry skin ==> look for creams and heavier textures
  • Normal skin ==> light creams, lotions, serums
  • Combination skin ==> gels, serums
  • Oily skin ==> light serums, essences


Category: All Skin Types

Texture: Toner, essence

Scent: Aloe vera

SOLUTION ==> Aliquote Skin AquaBoost Solution


Category: Very dry skin 

Texture: Thick cream

Scent: Fragrance

SOLUTION ==> DermaQuest Nourishing Peptide Rich



Category: Dry skin

Texture: Cream

Scent: Lavender

SOLUTION ==> SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore



Category: Normal Skin

Texture: Light Cream

Scent: Light Fragrance

SOLUTION ==> Aliquote Skin HydraBright Complex



Category: Normal, Combination and Oily Skin

Texture: Oil-free Gel

Scent: Fragrance free

SOLUTION ==> Aliquote Skin HydraLift Infusion



Category: Combination Skin

Texture: Light Lotion

Scent: Vanilla

SOLUTION ==> Aliquote Skin Weightless HydraVeil



Category: Normal to Combination Skin

Texture: Gel Serum

Scent: Fragrance-free

SOLUTION ==> DermaQuest Essential B5 Hydrating Serum



Category: Combination to Oily Skin

Texture: Gel Serum

Scent: Fragrance-free

DermaQuest Essential B5 Moisture Matte

Do you want to know more about moisturizing products and find out the best face moisturizer for you? We take the guesswork out of skin care, so contact us at your convenience and let’s get your skin barrier in its best shape!