Two separate times today at the clinic, the question was presented “Do you think I need this?”, from a client holding an IPL brochure.  The response is always the same….


“Most of us could use and IPL.” I know I do. Because IPL treats some of the most common signs of aging, there are a lot of us that could benefit from having it done.


Of course, before we embark on any treatment with a client, we will always review their specific concerns or areas where they are hoping to see positive changes. But IPL does so many fabulous things, I thought we could share out top favourites with you!


IPL works.


This technology first hit the dermatology scene in Europe in the 90’s, when two German doctors utilized it for the treatment of a specific type of red birthmark. (In this case, resistant portwine stains.) Since that initial introduction, the technology has not majorly changed. Refinements have been made to make treatments more effective and to increase safety primarily for the patient. It is a rock solid, science backed treatment.  The data and studies done over the last 20 plus years, shows time and again that the treatment works, and it works well. (When performed by an experienced, thoroughly trained professional of course).


Clients are excited to return for touch ups.


Hear me out here. When clients return to repeat a treatment a down the road, and are looking forward to it, and in many instances excited, we know the treatment is good.  What we see over and over again, is that clients are excited to return for touch up treatments because the results that they get are worth what they have invested financially, emotionally and with their time.


Happy Clients = Happy SkinScience


IPL creates clients that are happy with their results, and happy with their skin. When this happens, we are happy.  IPL literally makes our day to day better!


It does so much, in one simple treatment*


All at once, IPL can target sun spots/brown spots, eliminate unwanted redness (commonly called broken capillaries) AND stimulate superficial collagen. Seriously, this is a fabulous list.

*For clarifications sake, more than one treatment will be needed, most people will require 3-6, with the most clients at SkinScience doing 3 treatments initially over 10-12 weeks. Touch up schedules vary from person to person.


Fast Results


IPL gives us the ability offer clients fast results. Before a client leaves we can often show them the positive “end points to treatment” that will turn into their fabulous results in a few days.  In many cases, clients can see shrinking in the broken capillaries before they leave.  5-7 days after each treatment, clients are able to see the beginnings of the positive results when brown spots fade away.


We LOVE our IPL treatments, and we LOVE to provide these awesome treatments for our clients and we LOVE how happy our clients are after.


If you are interested in learning more about this great treatment and if it’s right for you, give us a call! 403-287-1477