We all know that Vitamin C is something we need. We remember from our history classes in University that it prevents scurvy, and we have all watched enough TV and read enough online articles to know it’s an anti-oxidant free radical fighter. However, do you really know why you should be using it?

Lets start with what a free radical is. A free radical can be created by exposure to lots of different things. Things like UV (sun) rays, cigarette smoke, pollution etc. The simplest explanation is a free radical is a very unstable molecule that is missing an electron, and tries to steal what it needs from other molecules. This stealing process, often times creates another free radical. This process often becomes a chain reaction that can be cyclical and hard to break. If there are lots of free radicals in and around cells, we know that a cells ability to function is affected. In relation to aging, this leads to more wrinkles, more age spots and lots more of just plain old looking old.

Anti-oxidant molecules have the ability to interact safely with free radicals (remember; free radicals are very unstable and interacting with them usually turns other molecules into free radicals as well). Anti-oxidants (like Vitamin C) stop the chain reaction of free radicals that create more free radicals. This allows the bodies natural scavengers to eliminate the remaining free radicals before more damage is done. In many cases anti-oxidants like Vitamin C will allow the bodies healing process to take over and correct some of the damage that has been done.

Vitamin C is one of our favorite Anti-Oxidants. (Yay!) Vitamin C is a naturally occurring AHA, because of this is brings a glow to the skin. It is very gentle. It has been proven to stimulate collagen, stimulate the recovery process after UV sun exposure and damage as well as stop further free radical damage in it’s tracks.

So now you are wondering why you need to use it topically? Your body is full of processes that created free radicals. Some of these processes are natural body survival functions, others are things we so wisely decide to do to ourselves (that last fast food meal comes to mind, or the times I forget to apply sunscreen, or really the entirety of my 20’s, lol) no matter how they get there, the point is that there are lots of places your body needs Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants to fight free radicals. The only way to ensure that your skin gets the Vitamin C that it needs is to apply it directly on the skin.

Topical Vitamin C comes in many skin care products. Some are better than others as they are more stable, ensuring that the product is more active when it is applied to your skin. Come in and find out which of the eleven Vitamin C based skin care products we carry is right for you!