So your wedding is just around the corner. You’ve had your treatments; your skin is in tip top shape and you’ve got your glow on. You just have to survive that Ultimate Wedding Countdown until the wedding without any skin tragedies and you will be golden.  SkinScience is here to help! Our 5 Bridal Must haves will preserve the skin you’ve worked hard to get!


1.  Be diligent with your SPF!

With the season changes it’s easy to forget that sunburns can happen very quickly. With garden parties, patios and family bbq’s in the week before, it’s easy to forget an application and end up a little barbequed looking yourself. Our #1 recommendation for brides?

>>> ColoreScience SunForgettable Powder Sunscreen. It applies delightfully easily over makeup, (so your makeup won’t get mussed) it is easy to throw in a handbag or pocket, and its powder formulation means no spills and no mirror needed when you apply it.


2. De-puff and soothe your eyes to look rested on your big day!

The week leading up to the wedding will likely have a little less sleep, a little more alcohol and a lot of good memories.  But there is no need to look like you haven’t slept in a week as you walk down the isle.  SkinScience’s SOS fix?

>>> Patchology EYE REVIVE FLASHPATCH® 5 MINUTE HYDROGELS. This amazing hydrocolloid gel technology de-puffs eyes in a quick 5 minute treatment. If you can spare 20 minutes, you will see tightening and firming happen that will last the day. They are soothing and cooling and perk up eyes like you wouldn’t believe!


3. Keep your last minute breakouts under control.

Break outs happen. They are more likely to appear in times of stress and for some people times of indulgences. Rather than panic, have a plan in place to zap breakouts as soon as you can see them. SkinSciences favourite?

>>> SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Solution.  Dab this salicylic acid + lipohydroxy acid (LHA) containing solution on breakouts using a q-tip and watch the active ingredients reduce the inflammation and the breakout shrink. In moments of crisis, this product can be applied 4 times daily.


4. One week before W-day, do a mini-peel at home. 

You can refresh the treatment you had at the clinic with one of our clinical strength Glycolic Acid prodcuts, making sure you are your absolute glowiest. Our favourite?

>>> Dermaquest Dermaclear Pads. These easy to use pre-moistened pads, are ready to go right out of the jar. Weekly use keeps skin brighter and smoother. Using one 48-72 hours before the wedding is sure to help keep that bridal glow and acne spots at bay.



Keep in mind that we offer last minute emergency breakout treatments! If you experience a breakout in the 7 days before the wedding, give us a call! We will do all we can to shrink breakouts before they are in your photos for life! We have several options, with our most popular being a combination of Acne Laser and our custom blended Acne Peel Solution.

This can only be performed in clinic for clients that have gone through our consultation process.

If you want to know which of these will best fit your skin, give us a call! We’d love to help you get ready for your big day!

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