Radiant skin will always be in style.  Radiant skin, requires less makeup and glows. Leaving the house with radiant skin and very little makeup is incredibly freeing.


Our number one glow creating treatment? Our 5 Weeks to Radiance Treatment Package. In five short weeks we turn dull, drab skin into fabulously luminous skin!


When we started the process of designing this treatment package, we ask ourselves several things; starting with what studies have shown the best results? With multiple studies proving the efficacy of IPL, Vitamin C and Chemical peels – we knew we needed to combine these things to create the most optimum results.



Each week you have 1 appointment for about 45 min in our clinic receiving two treatments PROVEN to even skin tone, stimulate collagen, smooth texture and create radiance. When you combine these two amazing treatments, you create results squared! (Zing!)


Part 1

Each weekly treatment begins with a low-level IPL. Low-Level Intense Pulsed Light has been proven in multiple studies to stimulate superficial collagen, reduce diffuse redness creating a more even skin tone, and target pigmented areas.


Part 2

Immediately following your IPL, we seal the deal with a clinical strength C-Infusion treatment (Vitamin C Peel). This clinical strength C-Infusion treatment eradicates free radicals, brightens skin, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.


These treatments are comfortable, affforable (Total investment for ALL treatments is $675) offer little to no down time (we have many clients that do this on their lunch breaks and return to the office after) and give delightful results!


We know this treatment package sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!  In addition to multiple studies that prove results, we have so many happy clientsthat have done this treatment package in the years since we have been doing it!



If you are sick of feeling drab and dull, don’t wait! Call now to book your consultation, we LOVE to coach people through the process of getting fabulous skin!




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