Aging shows itself in a lot of different ways. We tend to complain the most loudly about wrinkles. But really wrinkles are just one part of looking older. There are several “ignored” signs of aging. These signs often add much more to your perceived age than you realize. Many make you look tired and old, the worst combination! Here are some of the other signs of aging:

Uneven skin tone: We hear about “age spots”, but before these rear their yucky heads, you start with uneven skin tone. This is skin that has areas that are shades of light brown and/or mottled with unwanted pinks and reds. This is often described as blotchy skin.

Large pores: As your collagen first starts to get lazy, one of the first things you will notice is your pores starting to get larger. Not only that, but the surface area that the large pores cover, is growing, resulting in an orange peel texture to the face.

Dull skin: As you get out of your 20’s and into your 30’s and 40’s, your skin takes longer to slough off dead skin layers. This results in dead skin build up that has a “dulling” effect. Often people will complain that skin looks blah, or lackluster or tired. This is dull skin!

Fine lines: You can see them before anyone else can, you know they aren’t “that bad” but they are still frustrating because you know that they will turn into something more.

The good news is that at SkinScience we work hard to be multi-taskers. We know that life takes precedence, and we design our treatments to work with what real people need and what fits with your life!

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Purchase this popular treatment package in the month of September and included at no additional charge is a High Energy treatment (value $250)! This High Energy treatment can be used to treat spots on the back of the hands or chest or face!