SkinScience’s Favourite “Laser” Treatment; IPL

We love our IPL! We weren’t voted Calgary’s best laser clinic for nothing. Here are the reasons that we LOVE IPL!


Who: Nivian


Quote: “I love IPL.  It’s like my own magic eraser treatment. It erases everything I wish wasn’t there!”


Why Nivian Says You Should:  IPL is perfect for anyone wanting smooth even skin.  It targets freckles, sun spots, red veins, red patches, age spots and more! It tightens and smooths the surface of your skin while also making it delightfully even.

Who: Mikelle


Quote: “I love how IPL transformed my skin, without changing how I looked.  I love that it gives consistent results for clients, and I love how happy my clients are after having it”


Why Mikelle Says to Just Do it: IPL also helps stimulate collagen, as well as even out skin tone. Who doesn’t want that?

Who: Marie


Quote: “I love IPL, specifically to the chest. It takes 10 years off your chest and gives almost instant gratification for great results”


Why Marie says to take the plunge: Because adding your chest to your existing IPL is only $249. Why wouldn’t you?

Who: Misean


Quote: “I love IPL because the results are obvious, from the start”


Why Misean says to start today: IPL targets so many concerns that so many of you have.

Who: Leanne


Quote: “IPL is so satisfying, I love how quickly you see results!”


Why Leanne says to stop waiting: Nothing beats IPL! It has the happiest clients


Investment: $395 each – most people require 3 treatments to start, with treatments being performed approximately 3-4 weeks apart.  For best results with IPL check out our Bright and Glow Package here