The time for resolutions is upon us!  It feels like we were just here, and yet somehow another year has flown by. Not to make us sound old or anything, but holy moly, does time keep flying.


Our team at SkinScience is one that has been carefully assembled, created with members that have similar goals and purpose.  We all believe in consistent, open and honest re-evaluation with the goal of continued improvement. We apply this to what we do in the clinic with our wonderful clients, we apply this in what we do together, we apply this to how we function as a group. In the truest spirit of this goal, we have created our resolutions for 2018. As we all know, goals and resolutions are so much more likely to be achieved if they are shared, so without further ado, our 2018 New Year resolutions:


To make each and every client that comes to SkinScience, feel listened to, important, valued and understood.

This is something we discuss on a regular basis. We regularly review to ensure that we are doing everything we can do to make sure that every person that walks through our doors feels like they have been truly understood. We want to continue to make every client feel that their goals and histories have been heard and understood!


To build each other, and the women in our community up, through positive messages.

Working with strong women is such an empowering thing! We are so fortunate to live that every day with our amazing SkinScience team! We want to do what we can to share that empowerment, throughout our community and with our clients.  We will continue our commitment to positive messaging and trying to build each other up. Strength that is shared grows!


To have fun, to laugh, and never take ourselves too seriously.

No one is perfect, including us (lol, we know, you are not surprised).  Laughing daily keeps our feet firmly on the ground and prevents us from taking ourselves too seriously! Laughing brings joy and joy is what life is about.


To offer only the best and to seek only the best.

We believe that every client deserves the best.  We only offer things that we are willing to put ourselves, our reputations and our years of experience behind. We only offer treatments and products that we use and test ourselves. We commit to continue this through any changes that 2018 may bring. We commit to continue our search for the most up to-date science and technologies in the industry in 2018.


To continue to learn and grow.

We have strived to continue learning and growing in all capacities.  We want to learn and grow as a team, as individuals, as Skin Care Experts, as humans. We will continue our love for learning and growth throughout 2018 (and hopefully beyond), seeking out as many opportunities for learning and growth as possible!


We wish you all a 2018 full of laughter, love, growth, and happiness!


Marie, Mikelle, Misean, Nivian and Leanne



PS: If you would like some guidance in how to nurture your skin in 2018, we would love to help! Give us a call at: