Skin Care on a Budget
I don’t know about you, but that money tree I planted in the back yard just is not working out for me.  Budgeting is a part of real life.  An important part of life.  So how do you continue to take care of your skin and not overdo your skin care budget?

Remember, it’s always cheaper to maintain.  We recently had a client return that hadn’t been in for almost a year.  Previously we had spent approximately 9-10 months  getting “Jane’s” skin cleared up and looking amazing (and bump-free).  Unfortunately, once her skin was in fabulous shape, she mistakenly thought that this meant she could return to some of her old products and habits.  She returned to using her cheaper makeup and makeup primer, and her products that she purchased from various department stores.  Her acne returned full force.  Jane now wants to have the skin she had after working with us, and we are starting at square one, all over again. It’s very likely that had she just maintained, her acne wouldn’t have returned to the level it did.

Taking care of your skin is like a marathon. It’s the small things (and right skin choices) you do on a daily basis that make a difference. Procedures are like sprints. They will help you achieve to your skin goals faster, but they do not replace sprints. They complement them.

Knowing the right products for your skin is important; specifically which ones are giving you the greatest potential result.  As a general rule, don’t cheap out on serums.  SERUMS have the highest concentration of active ingredients and can get deep inside the skin.  This means more potential positive results.  If you can only afford a few products, it’s a good idea to have one of them be a serum.  When you purchase a serum, make sure it is a good quality serum that has the ingredients your skin needs (we can help you with that part!)

The next most important step is your MOISTURIZER.  Your moisturizer stays on your face 24 hours a day. If you use the wrong one, the potential for problems is significant. Too heavy and you will plug your pores and break out, to light and you’ll start flaking and crinkling.

Multipurpose products are a great way to save. If you are trying to be budget conscious, discuss with us the option of a MULTIPURPOSE MOISTURIZER: one that offers the right type of hydration, active ingredients, as well as an SPF 30 (that’s a minimum, according to the Canadian Dermatology Association).  This is a fabulous way to save. Other multipurpose products include exfoliating cleansers and or toners, as these often remove the need for a separate exfoliating step (and we’re not talking scrubs, but intelligent exfoliation – once again, we can help find the best one for you).

Lastly, book your mini treatment.  You will be amazed at how having a mini treatment now and again (or a combination of mini treatments) renews how well your skin care works and your over all results.  Here are some mini treatments available at the clinic:


  • Mini Exfol  (20 min) ~ 75.

  • Mini Peel (20 min) ~ 75.

  • Mini Facial  (45min) ~ 99.


The SkinScience team will always do our absolute best to honor your skin care budget! There are so many ways to look and feel your best without breaking the bank.

Call us today to book your consultation, follow up, or mini treatment. You DESERVE it!


Your healthy skin specialists,

Marie, Mikelle, Marina, Nivian and Mark