If you are from Calgary, this time of year is when you are pretty sure Mother Nature has had one to many glasses of wine and can’t keep her seasons straight. One day it looks like Spring is just moments away, the next you are shoveling your sidewalk AGAIN. Winter wreaks havoc on your skin, the dry cold air combined with central heating turn you into a dull, wrinkly person that does not resemble whom you usually see in the mirror.  This time of year is particularly hard with all the back and forth, your skin just does not know where to settle.   Dullness, dryness, breakouts, looking ‘blah’, are all very common complaints. Our go-to solution for your skins seasonal woes?  Shedding your winter layers with a dermaplaning and peel combination treatment.


Let us talk you through it:


Step One: We Dermaplane.

A dermaplaning treatment uses a specialized blade to literally ‘plane’ of dead layers of skin.  The brilliant part of this treatment is that it only takes off the dead skin buildup – it leaves alive skin completely intact.  After skin is cleansed and prepped, your clinician will use a single use, sterile blade to gently plane off dead cells.  With it, will also come off your fine vellus facial hairs.  If you need extractions done, those can be done at the same time if you like.


Dermaplaning instantly brightens and freshens skin.  The simple step of removing layers of dead cells has the immediate effect of “glowing”.  It’s awesome for even the most sensitive skin types and can be combined with other treatments.  Which brings us to;


Step Two: We Boost

Our favorite boost to dermaplaning is chemical peel, carfully selected for your skins needs.  With superficial cells removed we have the chance to give your skin a boost, with an ingredient that can really get in there and do some long term good.  Using peels that contain ingredients like Vitamin C (anti-oxidant, brightening), Lactic Acid (deep hydration, cleans out pores) or our custom blended Radiance Peel (melasma, sun damage or mild acne) we are able to create results that are noticed right away and continue for a while.  Many of these ingredients can stimulate real change in your skin and with dead cells out of the way (thanks to the dermaplaning) there is nothing keeping these amazing active ingredients from getting in there and doing their job!


Three things you should know

First: SkinScience staff have over 45 years of combined experience performing treatments. Every one of our hands-on staff has been performing advanced treatments for over a decade each. You wouldn’t know it to look at us (thank you Botox!), but we have performed more dermaplaning treatments than we can count.

Second: Chemical peels, are not chemical because they contain harmful synthetic ingredients, most are actually derived from natural sources (i.e. Salicylic acid is derived from wintergreen). Chemical peels are called so, because of the reaction that occurs when they are applied to your skin, this reaction is what allows the active ingredients to penetrate and do good things for your skin.

Third: Dermaplaning and peel treatments are our most requested treatment. They are affordable, comfortable, have little down time and give great results.


We would love to help you with Shedding Your Winter Layers! Call to book your Dermaplaning and Peel treatment, we can’t wait to help renew your skin for Spring!