Magnificently Smooth Skin (Sans unwanted hair) Can Be Yours


Ahhhh Laser Hair removal.  The best way to have indulgently smooth legs, all year round.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can be luxuriously soft, smooth and ultimately hair free.


Every February we talk about laser hair removal.  The reasons are simple, if you start laser hair removal treatments now, you will start seeing the results by this summer, so your summer of 2018 just got easier and its only February.  If you continue treatments through the fall, by next summer you won’t own anymore razors. (Bye Felicia!)


Laser hair removal works for all areas of the body, you can have smooth “______________” (fill in the blank with whatever body area you want) pretty easily. If you are worried that your hair is too dark and coarse, you shouldn’t. The darker and coarser the hair, the better the treatment works – and I swear to all get go, that is a proven laser fact!


A life without embarrassment, a life without rashy looking, itchy, bumpy ingrown hairs is very possible! It is possible to crawl into bed every night and experience the delightful feeling of smooth legs gliding through cool sheets – all without shaving.


For those of you that serious about living a hair free life, we offer the following special:

Pre-purchase 6 treatments to the same area (the recommended number of treatments for best results), and receive 25% off the total cost! That works out to more than one treatment for free!


To find out more about laser hair removal call to book your laser hair removal consultation. We can’t wait to get you started! (403) 287-1477



February Prize Basket

(Valued over $800)

An opportunity to join us in giving back to the community



We are collecting shaving kit donations for the Mustard Seed. These shaving kits will give homeless Calgarians a few needed toiletries, it is gifting an individual with the ability to care for their appearance.  This is important to their wellbeing, it helps create a sense of dignity as well as boost feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.



Bring in new and unused razors and shaving cream, for your chance to enter a draw for a prize basket valued at over $800!  If you forgot to pick some up, don’t worry, we got your back! We are selling (at cost, so zero markup) shaving kits for you to purchase in clinic, to add to the donation bin. Once you have made your donation, simply fill out the ballot and add your name to the draw!



This prize basket includes incredible skin care products from all of our amazing skin care brands! All the items in it have been carefully selected by our expert staff to give amazing results. It includes facial and body products!  Lastly, it also includes a $100 Gift Certificate for Laser Hair Removal at Calgary’s award-winning laser clinic; SkinScience. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see exactly what is in this amazing basket!


We want to thank you, for being a part of SkinScience’s giving back!










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