Who: Pam, 17 Year Old Female

Didn’t Like: Ingrown hairs on her legs

Her Story: Pam was really self conscious of the constant ingrown hairs that were almost always covering her Lower legs.  It prevented her from wearing shorts. She avoided swimming on vacation with her family. She avoided any school activity that required a dress, being self conscious of how her legs looked.

What SkinScience did for her: 

SkinScience  started her on a laser hair removal package for her lower leg.  A total of six treatments performed over the course of a year.


“Within a few weeks of the first treatment I could already see the reduction in the ingrown hairs.  Now that Ive had 5 treatments I am soooooo happy.  The hair has reduced so much already! I don’t have to shave everyday and the ingrown hairs are gone.  And I still have one treatment left, so I know its just gonna get better!

Her Investment: 

Consultation FREE Package of 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments $1345