Monique, a 38 year old mom of three

Didn’t Like: 

After her last baby she noticed brown spots surfacing, fine lines around the eyes and uneven skin tone.

Her Story: 

Monique was bothered by how after her last baby she felt as if she had aged suddenly. She always felt she looked tired, even after a goods night rest. She came to SkinScience looking for solutions. She knew she didn’t want surgery, she knew that with her busy life coming in every week was not going to work for her. She needed a simple at home routine and a simple treatment plan that would give max results.

What SkinScience did for her: 

SkinScience set her up with a simple 3 step routine to follow morning and night. She opted for doing IPL boosted Fractora, once a month for 3 months in a row.


“The wrinkles around my eyes are almost gone, I don’t get under eye concealer stuck in the creases around my eyes anymore. I haven’t had anyone comment to me that I look ‘so tired’ in the longest time, and last week at the paediatrician, the nurse asked if I was the mom because she didn’t think I was old enough to have 3 kids! I haven’t worn foundation in ages because my skin is so smooth and even! So worth it!” 

Her Investment: 

Consultation $95. Skin Care $245. IPL Boosted Fractora (total for three) $3,298.