Heidi 36 years old, professional, mom of two

Didn’t Like: 

Frown lines that made her look tired and angry, breakouts on chin.

Her Story: 

Heidi came to SkinScience, tired of colleagues at work asking her if she was tired all the time.  She was frustrated by the consistent breakouts she had on her chin.  She had been through so many products and nothing helped wither issue.

What SkinScience did for her: 

Set her up with a 4 step skin care routine, and a few chemical peels.  Lastly she started Botox treatments for her frown lines.


“My acne cleared up by the 2nd or 3rd chemical peel.  My skin looks brighter and fresher.  The funny part was my younger sister made fun of me for getting botox, until we ran into some of my parents friends and they thought she was the older sister! Now she’s asked me where I go, because she wants it too! Bonus, no one as work has asked if I’m tired or if something is wrong for months!”

Her Investment: 

Consultation $95                   Skin Care $330  

 Chemical Peels $135(ea)                    Botox $506