Science is literally in our name. It is crucial part of who we are, what we create for patients and how we work.  We use science to back up every recommendation we make.  We only offer treatments that have studies to back them up, that have years of review and analysis – and scientific proof that it works.

New trends can be great! New things are fun to try, however, when it comes to treatments, there are many that have been around for a long time.  You see them over and over again, and there is reason: they work.

Treatments that have withstood the test of time, stick around because the results that are achieved  are worth what clients invest.

(emotionally, financially, socially)

At SkinScience our number one treatment performed is a chemical peel. With over 7,000 peels performed we are experts in this area.

When used correctly chemical peels can improve so many skin concerns:


Sun Spots


Acne Scarring


Dry Skin

Uneven Skin Tone

Fine Lines



Chemical peels have been around for ages. The first publications where modern dermatology noted improvement to sun spots with chemical peel solutions were written in 1871 (by British Dermatology pioneer Tillbury Fox). Today we still use a Jessner Peel Solution (for melasma, acne and acne scarring, wrinkles etc) which was first studied in 1882 (by German physician Dr. G.P. Unna) and popularized in the mid 1900’s by Dermatologist Max Jessner, which is when it picked up its now name.  The same ratio of the same 3 ingredients initially studied, is still used over 130 later!

Why? Because the results of these treatments rock! Since their conception and creation, there have been a multitude of studies that show that chemical peels work to rejuvenate the skin.  Modern technology now allows for advanced measuring of positive results – it is no longer just observations – things like how much collagen is produced can be measured down to a fraction of a millimeter (total thickness) so the initial observations of over 130 years ago have now been proven by modern science.

Modern chemical peels sometimes include awesome “bonus” ingredients.  Things that boost results and reduce downtime. Ingredients like peptides (for Collagen), enzymes, anti-oxidants and more. The amazing benefits of years of science, with modern variations for even better results!

If you are interested in finding out why chemical peels have withstood the test of time, we would love to coach you through the process of finding the right peel for your skin!  Call today to book your peel or consultation!

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