Not your grandma’s anti-aging treatment, Radio Frequency is technically a “new” technology.  Having said that; it has improved significantly in the 20 years since its first cosmetic application was approved by the FDA.


Radio frequency has been proven to give amazing results. The problem was it was hard to perform the anti-aging treatment correctly.


The first radio frequency treatment platform (machine) approved by the FDA worked well, but it was PAINFUL.  It was absolutely necessary for clients to hold very still, as movement increased your risk of “arcing” the RF energy and potentially leaving the client with a burn.  In order for clients to be able to hold still, sedatives and pain killers were often necessary. Let us tell ya, it was hard to perform the treatment!  Ultimately what happened was if a client was too squirmy (because it hurt), the technician performing the treatment would turn down the settings, so the client could hold still more easily and be and safer, which reduced the amount of positive result possible.



The next machine was only slightly better.  As least this one didn’t require a grounding pad! It was however VERY heavy, and you had to lubricate the area with oil (which stained everything) and it still got hot hot hot.  Extra caution was needed because it had the potential to create “hot spots” which could again be a problem, with the potential for blisters.  The handpiece was incredibly hard for the technician to maneuver, which meant it was easy to make mistakes, which meant that again settings were turned down to keep clients safe which reduced potential positive results.


Other platforms came and went but had many of the same issues, until recently! We found the RF Forma, which is fabulous!


So what makes our anti-aging treatment machine so frickin’ fabulous you ask?


Well, let us tell you!  First, its easy for the person performing to maneuver.  Its light and precise!  It has a built-in feedback sensor, which shuts off energy output immediately if your skin reaches a certain (unsafe or uncomfortable) temperature – which means – your treatment technician CAN FOCUS ON YOU! Amazing, I know! Bonus: the anti-aging treatment area is lubricated with ultrasound gel, which is water based so NO STAINS! This also means when you leave you have nice hydrated skin in the treatment areas vs greasy skin in the treatment area. Delightful!  Because of the precision feedback loop, the treatment is beyond comfortable! No hot spots, no burns, many of our clients want to nap while having it done. It is the gold standard of RF treatment.


All of this creates a scenario where results are maximized!


As the gold standard for RF, the RF Forma is Safer + More Efficient + More Accurate = Better Results (which means tighterskin for you!)


What areas can we tighten with this delightful technology?


Right now, our Stretch Mark Tamer package is creating great results for so many of our clients! Tummies, love handles, and bums are all tightening up and getting firmer skin with fewer stretchmarks!  We also love to treat around the eye to help reduce crow’s feet and bags, as well as jawlines to help restore definition.



To find out if Radio Frequency will help promote your tighter skin goals or your youthful looking goals, call us!  We’d love to see you and help coach you through the process.


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