The skin care industry is always seeking to find the next “new best thing!”. But is new always better? No – not always.  At SkinScience we are fully in support of ongoing research and development into skin care, skin care treatments and development of the “new best thing!”. However, we also believe in waiting for real results and ensuring safety before jumping on the “new best thing!” bandwagon.


Sometimes we hear clients saying “isn’t that kind of old, is there something newer?”. Yes – some of these ingredients have been around for decades – but there is a reason;




There are several ingredients that have thousands of studies behind them – so many that we couldn’t even begin to foot note this blog (if we wanted to).  Without further ado, our list of awesome skincare ingredients:


Retinoids /” Retin” / Retinol


Targets: Sun damage, wrinkles, acne, large pores, fine lines, melasma – and more – literally too many to list here.


What: “Retin” (Retinol) comes in several forms and varieties.  The vast majority are a very finely processed form of Vitamin A.


Pros: Stimulates new cell turn over, stimulates superficial collagen, increases penetration of other hard to absorb ingredients, supports correction of melanocyte activity in the base layer of skin and more!


Cons: It can cause redness and irritation when used incorrectly.  We see this a lot. Usually when clients think that if a little is good, more must be better.  A general rule, is that retin (retinol) is a fabulous “long term” ingredient. Meaning, use a little – but use it for a long time (over the years). Results are cumulative -so keep on going! Worried about which formulation is best for you? Come in! We will make sure you have the best one for you.



SPF (zinc)


Targets: Inflammation (redness), prevents bacterial reproduction, protects from the sun


What: Zinc is a mineral. It’s an amazing mineral that we love!  It is available in a few different forms. In skin care you will see predominately Zinc PCA and Zinc Oxide – the latter is our favorite as it does just a little bit more for your skin.


Pros: Zinc Oxide creates a physical barrier between your skin and the sun – making it in our (ever so humble) opinion – the BEST type of sun protection.  It also reduces inflammation and prevents bacterial growth. Making it amazing ingredients for multiple skin types! SPF has been proven to prevent and in some cased reverse the symptoms of aging skin, zinc oxide is an ingredient that will give sun protection and more.


Cons:  Historically Zinc Oxide was thick and goopy and chalky looking when you applied it.  But with better manufacturing technology there are truly some amazing Zinc Oxide products on the market that feel smooth, light weight and give amazing results. Don’t believe us?  Come on in, we can show you!



Targets: Dead skin cells


What: Alpha Hydroxy Acid(s)and Beta Hydroxy Acid de-keratinize dead skin cells. AKA – dissolve the glue that adheres dead skin cells to each other.


Pros: When you use AHA/BHA to remove dead skin cells, you encourage new cells surfacing. When you have less dead skin cell build up, good ingredients are more able to penetrate and do the good stuff they are supposed to do (things like peptides, moisturizers, anti-oxidants etc). AHA and BHA help clean out pores – reducing those black heads on your nose that drive you crazy.


Cons: Using the wrong AHA or combination of AHA(s) and BHA can create dryness or sensitivity. The good news is, that there are multiple options for incorporating these fabulous ingredients into your daily routine AND we love to pair people up with the right products!






Targets: Free Radicals.  Free radicals are those nasty little buggers known to accelerate aging, increase risks for cancer, and cause oxidative stress. They are identified by being unbalanced – or missing an electron.


What: Anti-Oxidants have the ability to neutralize free radicals by donating an electron – thereby stabilizing that cray cray, unstable free radical. Common anti-oxidants are Vitamin C, Vitamin E…… and our recent fave Green Tea! (That might be a hint for things to come, but don’t tell my boss I’m giving hints!)


Pros: By eliminating free radicals, our cells are able to function in their best capacity. For aging this means longer living collagen, faster healing, fewer brown spots etc etc.


Cons:Vitamin E can actually be quite irritating for some skin types, Vitamin C is hard to stabilize – it tends to oxidize faster than we would like. In the wrong base, anti-oxidants can feel quite heavy. Good news; coming in to make sure you are on the right anti-oxidant in the right base is easy! Then we will do the work for you!



We have multiple options for all of these fabulous ingredients and the knowledge and experience in pairing your skin with the right ingredients and right product! What are you waiting for? Call today to book your appointment!


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