A real life acne story:

I met Sam* several years ago, when he was just 14. At that time he had been struggling with acne for 3 years already. His acne had been diagnosed as being “Grade 4”, the most severe clinical diagnosis for acne you can get. He struggled with multiple painful cysts, that were very red, very swollen and very uncomfortable.  He had been made fun of at school on several occasion and was feeling very self-conscious. The day I met Sam, he couldn’t look me in the eye.


He had a dedicated mother.  She had taken him to several different doctors over the years.  They had tried the same prescriptions over and over with limited to no success. Most recently before meeting Sam and his Mom, they had visited two separate dermatologists.  Both had said that Accutane™ (Roche©) was his only option. Sam had an older brother, with some significant medical concerns that made Accutane™**  a contraindication for him.  Although Sam had not been diagnosed at this time, he exhibited many of the symptoms that his brother had prior to diagnosis, and because of this his mother did not want Sam to pursue that specific course of treatment (both Dermatologists agreed).


When I met them both for the first time, they were exhausted by everything they had been through. They were exhausted by the lack of results. I committed to listen, give them my undivided attention, and do my best.


We started at the beginning, a thorough history of Sam’s skin. An easy to follow 3 step skin care program at home that worked with the topical prescriptions that his Doctor had given him. We discussed all treatment options, and decided that a combination of Acne IPL Light Therapy (Laser) treatments and mini peels (5 Weeks to Clear Skin). Sam and his mom understood that as his acne was more severe than most, he would need more visits, to get results.  They followed through and were dedicated! They saw me twice a week for 2 months, and then continued on once a week for another month. It was a slow process, but we got there! After that initial 3 months, Sam’s acne had reduced significantly! He was thrilled! He still had the occasional breakout, but he referred to it as “the normal teenager stuff, not the taking over my face stuff”.


The best part for me, was when he could start looking me in the eye and even occasionally smiling!


I continued to see Sam and his Mom for almost a year for occasional maintenance treatments. I’m happy to say it’s been a long time since they’ve needed to see me.


I share Sam’s real life acne story, so hopefully you can see that with patience, and persistence, amazing results can be achieved.


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* Names have been changed for client confidentiality purposes.

**At SkinScience we are not Physicians, and as such, do not diagnose. We do not condemn or endorse any specific medical treatments. We acknowledge that there are times when Accutane™  may be the best course.  We also respect your decision so make the best choice for yourself in conjunction with your Doctor.