The last huzzah of summer – Labor Day. It was a blast, you loved the lake or the camping or the BBQ or all of the above. But now that you are back to the grind of ‘real life’ you are noticing that your face looks a little lack lustre.


Your pores feel huge, your face overall is bumpier than in was in its pre-summer days and those breakouts on your chin just will not completely clear up.


You my friend have what we have affectionately coined as “Vacation Face”. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  The combination of heat, sunscreen, and let’s be honest here; more than one night where after an extra drink or two you just **might** have crashed/fallen into bed with a less than ideal nighttime skin care routine (AKA, fell into bed without a properly washing your face).


It’s OK! We got your back (or your face in this instance).  We have cleared up more than one incidence of vacation face in our time. Being that is such a common occurrence, we are experts at dealing with it.


We know how to clear out those pores, take that dead skin build up back to a “good” level and let your most fantastic face shine through.


With the right combination of treatments, you can be back to your glowing self in no-time!


All clients are unique and individual in their needs, but an example of what we did today for one gorgeous gal is:


  1. Dermaplaning – literally planes off dead skin cells, allowing healthy glowing skin to be seen. Your skin will feel like silk, smooth and soft. Bonus: products work better after a dermaplaning.
  2. Extractions– remove clogged pores and blackheads, allowing pores to tighten up instead of looking gaping and cavernous, further smoothing the texture of your skin and preventing new breakouts from occurring.
  3. Custom Chemical Peel– clears out left over cellular debris after clogged pore extractions, helps pores tighten further, boosts radiance and more!


Not every incidence of vacation face needs this series of treatments, but this one sure did the trick today!


If you are tired of feeling like vacations make you look a little dull, call us!  We would love to help coach your skin back to its glowing self!


(403) 287-1477

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