IPL Boosted Fractora Day! IPL Boosted Fractora Day! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so excited.  I have seen so many positive results on others, its finally my turn! Plus, my wicked sun damage needs to be knocked back. It got so much worse with, my last pregnancy, it’s about time!


My biggest concern? Not being hydrated enough.  I know that if I’m not hydrated enough, the treatment won’t work as well, and it will hurt more.  Sooooo where’s my water bottle????


Almost lunch time:

I’ve now finished my third refill on my large water bottle, all before lunch, and I have just completed my fourth trip to the ladies’ room.  Confirmation of hydration!  I’m glad that I know that my technician will let me sneak out again to visit the ladies room if needed! LOL


After lunch:

Numbing cream on. Time to wait.

**45 min later**

Numbing cream off…. This feels totally weird!  I am surprised at how numb I feel! Even my lips feel a little numb.


Treatment Time:

(Start with IPL)

Weird, I can feel the IPL more than I thought I would. It’s not painful, but I thought I’d feel less.  My technician tells me she can see lots of popping (technical term for a positive treatment of brown spots) so I am thrilled!


Ok, onto the Fractora now, and I can hardly feel it!  I would say on a scale of 1-10, this rates at a 1.5-2. Totally tolerable!  (All my water worked!) This treatment is shockingly comfortable! I really expected it to be more uncomfortable!  The part the bothers me the most?  Being numb.


Treatment is done:

I am a little puffy, and I definitely have some redness, but overall, it’s not too bad. I can feel some warmth in my face as the numbing is wearing off, but not enough to really bother me.



I’m headed to bed, most of the redness has come down by now.  My skin feels a little sensitive, but overall it really isn’t bad. The cream and the water help a lot with keeping any discomfort at bay.




I’m still a little pink, and I have slight swelling, but I doubt anyone will notice.  I can feel that the micro lesions have closed, so that is good!  All my brown spots are more prominent, which I expected. Healing is happening, that means results are close behind!


Late morning:

I’m at the gym.  I put on a bit of mineral powder makeup before leaving the house. All the regular Friday people are here, the people I see almost every Friday, and not one of them has given me weird look, or sideways glance, no one has noticed I look like I have had “something done”. Nice!


I feel good, I did my regular work out, just slowed it down a bit so I didn’t get too sweaty. My skin is slightly more sensitive, but overall feels great.





Almost all the pinkness is gone, I’m slightly puffy, but only very slightly, so I’m pretty sure I am the only that can notice it.  Some of my micro-lesions have turned slightly brown, making me look more freckled than usual.  Makeup covers this nicely.  I have a few spots that feel dryer and tighter, but not so much that it bothers me.



Had a family dinner with my in-laws, and not one person gave me a funny look or noticed that I a treatment. I was wearing makeup, but I thought that they might still notice, but nope!




Today the pinkness and swelling are gone, I still have a few tight dry spots.  I now have a bit of flaking as well.  A bit of extra moisturizer camouflaged it easily. Overall my skin feels good!



The flaking has pretty much stopped, I have zero swelling or redness that I can see at all.  I think I am already seeing results, but this soon I am wondering if I’m crazy?



I am not crazy! I can totally see the beginnings of positive results.  The crinkles in my cheeks are better, the crinkly lines under my eyes are softer, and my skin tone has already improved sooooo much! This is awesome! I know I’ve got lots more time before final results, so this is exciting!



I ran into an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in about 3 months, she told me my skin looked great! I can see it too.  I am ecstatic that the lines under my eyes are so much better. My makeup is no longer getting stuck in the fine lines around my eyes.  The crinkles in my cheeks are wayyyy better too. I used to have to blend the makeup out of my lines after lunch every day, and I haven’t had to do that in the last week.


I’ve booked my next one already, I’m told that the results get better each time so I can’t wait to do the next one!



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