When SkinScience was founded 12 years ago in Calgary, Marie wanted to launch something different – a skin care clinic that is strongly established in science, customization, and ethical, unbiased skin care recommendations. No other clinics offered such a concept at the time. 

Nowadays, many clinics claim to offer “customized treatments”, but are they really? Or are they just claiming to do so? Are they simply following the latest trends and putting a “customized spin” on it? Moreover, how do you know if that’s what you really need?

Changing the face of skin care also means doing what’s best for YOU. And doing what best for YOU means approaching your skin needs with a clean slate in mind (amidst the endless possibilities that are available) and from which stem unbiased recommendations from years of practice and hands-on knowledge. That’s why none of our SkinScience’s staff is on commission and no one accepts tips. 

The Ugly Side of Spas and MediSpas

In most clinics, staff earns commissions on the sales of your products and your procedures too. Wondering why every time you go to your favorite medispa, they keep on pushing that $4,000 CoolSculpting package? I’ll tell you why – it’s because the employee who sell you the package makes 10% on the sale, that’s why. You read that right – $400, right on the spot. That’s why they are so motivated to sell you the biggest package possible, even though you might not be the best candidate for it. Sneaky, hey?

Wondering why every time you go for a facial, they always recommend a couple new products to you when you get to the cash register? Why today’s therapist goes against what the last therapist has recommended, and if you don’t go for the latest product recommendations, your face will fall off and never be the same again? **eyeroll** Because that person makes 10-20% commission on the sale of those products, that’s why.

How’s that for eye opening. 

At SkinScience, we believe that doing what’s BEST for the client will yield the BEST results possible, while building long term trust. Every one of SkinScience employees is instructed to ALWAYS recommend what’s best for the client. Even if it means recommending that $20 cleanser. Even if it means giving out samples to try a product out first. Even if it means a $75 extraction (instead of the $200+ HydraFacial that doesn’t even unclog as well as our manual extraction). We are proud to be a no-pressure clinic, based on education and science-based skin care products and procedures. 

Our Promise To You

At SkinScience, we promise to always be ethical. Always recommend what you need and we promise to stay away from what you don’t need. We want you to feel welcome to our area of expertise, where you will be treated according to your specific needs, budget and concerns. 

That’s the spirit of SkinScience. 


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