Autumn is rolling in here in Calgary. The air is fresher in the mornings, fall wardrobes are sneaking into view and your skin can’t kick the dryness!


Shifting weather can wreak havoc on your skin, even more so when the shifts happen quickly – and we live in Alberta where the weather forecast is only accurate for about 5 minutes. Last week you were basking in the glorious B.C. sunshine, enjoying summer vacation, and yesterday you were dealing with a frosty walk in to work!


The results of these **delightful** weather changes is skin that now feels like it just can’t absorb moisture. You apply your moisturizer, but it just can’t get in. It feels like it sitting on top of your face, you apply over and over but nothing. At this point you are starting to feel a bit dull and prune-ish – wrinkles are looking worse, dark spots are more noticeable, and you are really frustrated by constantly feeling dry and tight. Blah!


First – this is normal.  You should know this is a VERY common concern.


Second – you don’t have to struggle! The solution is easy! It takes about 45 min and is an investment of $189


Third – Once you’ve had your treatment, you will wonder why you waited so long!


Our Advanced Dermaplaning is probably our most popular September treatment. Its popular because:


  • No Downtime! You leave looking gloriously bright and fresh,  like your skin can finally breathe
  • Its comfortable, actually it can be downright relaxing. We’d tell you about all the clients that almost have fallen asleep, but we don’t break confidences 😉
  • It gets better after you leave, for the week following you can see a continued improvement in your skin as your products are no longer inhibited by dry, dead skin build up and can therefore work better.
  • Like everything we do, it is customized to what your skin needs. We finish each Advanced Dermaplaning with a customized treatment masque to further eliminate problems associated with dehydrated skin (if you are acne prone, clogged pore extractions are usually performed in place of masque).


Don’t wait! Release the glowing goddess hidden behind all those layers and kick the dryness! Book your Advanced Dermaplaning today!  Call us at :