Who: Jenni, 30 year old professional

Didn’t Like: Managing her coarse dark hair on her lower legs, bikini and underarms

Her Story: Jenni felt like shaving was a futile battle.  By the end of they day she felt like she had a “5 O’clock shadow” on her lower legs which felt stubbly and was irritating. 

What SkinScience did for her: Started a series of laser hair removal to her lower legs, bikini line and underarms. 

Results: “The best money I have ever spent. Hands down the best. I had no idea it would be so awesome. Im not sure why it took me so long to do it”

Her Investment: 

Laser Hair Consultation FREE        Lower Leg$299*       Underarms $99*    Bikini $150-$250*      *Per Treatment

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