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5 Fixes to Get Glowing Spring Skin


Ahhhh, spring is here! Each day in the clinic we are seeing clients that come in with the same question; “Why does my skin go crazy in the spring?”. We are seeing the same concerns over and over again; 


#5 Problem:

Flakiness and oiliness at the same time (how is this even possible??)

This is the number one symptom of dehydrated skin.  When skin is dehydrated (lacks the appropriate amount of water needed for healthy function) it tries to fix the issue by producing more oil.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the problem because oil does not provide the same function as water and you end up just being oily AND flaky all at the same time.


Fix: Increase Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in daily skin care application.

Using a well formulated HA retrains your skin to RETAIN water.  This is key, because if you live in YYC, the dry air here sucks the water out of your skin faster than your body can replace it. By using a well formulated HA, your skin can resist the arid environment and hold on to the water it needs – helping skin feel hydrated, smooth and plump, without the oily sheen!

Our #1 favourite HA? Dermaquest Essential Hydrating B5 Serum


#4 Problem:

Pores seem like they got larger overnight

You woke up one morning and suddenly overnight, you feel like the pores on your nose and cheeks are waaaayyy bigger! What gives??? As the weather warms up, our sebaceous glands tend to be more active, as this happens, pores start to look larger.  You might also notice an increase in black heads or clogged pores.


Fix: Change to a lighter weight moisturizer at night

During dry winter months, you often need a heavier moisturizer to maintain a healthy skin barrier as you are exposed to dry central heating through the night.  Now that it’s warmer – you skin barrier is able to function on its own and that heavier moisturizer is trapping in things that need to get out.  Switching to a lighter weight night time moisturizer should allow your skin to breathe better and prevent the debris build up that can get trapped in pores and make them look bigger.

Our favourite lightweight moisturizer? Dermaquest Essential Moisturizer

#3 Problem:

Breakouts in weird areas

You suddenly are experience breakouts in area that you don’t normally get them!  Often this is related to Problem 5 & 4 above. The other contributing factor is that your skin’s exfoliating needs have changed.


Fix: Increase your smart exfoliation

Make sure that you have an at home step that includes an AHA or BHA or both.  As dead skin build-up, you are more likely to get uncommon for your skin acne breakouts.  Our favorites are the Reversa Acnex Solution and the Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum .

If you already have one of these at home, you just may need to adjust how frequently you are using it.

#2 Problem:

Feeling like products are not “working like they used to”

When you started your current daily routine, you saw results! Your skin felt fabulous and you loved it! Recently though, you have lost some of that amazing glowing spring skin feeling and you want to get it back.


Fix: Book a follow-up consultation

Your skin is constantly changing. It is always in flux.  Weather, hormones, stress, travel, time and many other factors can trigger a noticeable change in what your skin’s needs are. Coming in for a re-assessment allows us to analyze that change and tweak your current routine to bring back that amazing feeling.  Most follow-up consultations that require change, only change a product or two at most! Getting back on track more often easier than you think!

#1 Problem:

Dullness, or tired looking complexions

This is the number one complaint we address through almost any season change, but it is particularly bad as spring starts! All the problems (1-4) that we talk about above ultimately cumulate in creating a skin that looks dull and tired, as well as feels rough and lacks smoothness.

Fix: Dermaplaning + Vitamin C Enzyme Peel

In our years of doing treatments, this one continues to be a client favorite.  It is a favorite because it WORKS. It instantly creates glowing spring skin that is brighter, fresher, smoother than you can even imagine and looks like it belongs in bright, fresh spring weather.  The results get even better over the course of the week following the treatment.  If you want skin that is healthier and looks so much better – don’t wait – book now.  It is a consistent client favorite for a reason. 

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