January is a VERY rewarding month for us at SkinScience, for lots of reasons.  But the two reasons that stand out as unique to January are two types of visits we see more  of in January:


1)New Years Resolutioners

New clients coming in because they have made a new year resolution to take care of their skin


2) Returning Resolutioners

Clients coming in for their 12 month follow up from the previous January, following up on their new year resolution from last year.


The New Years’ Resolutioners

Every January, we get a number of new clients who have made it their resolution to take care of their skin.  Many of you don’t know where to begin, others of you have tried before, but had little success so are looking for coaching.  Either way, it exciting for us to be the launching point for your individual resolutions. It’s exciting for us to be front row center as you learn to take care of yourself and invest in you, then see the rewards.


Rewards come in many forms, we see two most frequently.  We see the reward of a client with glowing, healthy skin and we see the reward of the client that has grown emotionally because they have taken the time to invest in themselves.


Our initial consultation is designed to educate you, inform you of how your skin functions and set you up with a routine at home that will give your skin the ingredients that it needs. We try hard to listen to what your individual concerns are, but also listen to the individual that is you. Listen to what your life is like, what is realistic for you.  The plan we create needs to fit your life as well as your skin. Small things can impact your long-term success, things like working night shifts, running after small children, travel etc. We take the time to really listen to all these little things so we can find your recipe for success.


Last Years Resolutioners Return

This one is so exciting for very different reasons!  January is also the month that those of you that started this journey with SkinScience a year ago are returning for your 12-month follow-up.  This is where real, long term changes in your skin, changes that will last, can be seen.


When clients come in during that first consultation, one of the questions often is asked is “How long until I see results?” Most people will start to see results relatively quickly, around 6 weeks.  But at 6 weeks, you are only seeing the beginnings of what is to come.  A full 12 months spent investing in your skin, and in yourself, is when you will see some deep-down changes – especially if you have paired your skin care with some in clinic treatments.


The 1 year follow up is awesome.  We get to see how much your skin has improved.  We get to discuss what worked for you and what was a challenge.  We get to discuss which treatments you liked the best and which ones you felt made the most difference, as well as plan for the future.


If you are seeking one on one skin coaching, give us a call!  We would love to coach you into having healthier, more radiant skin!


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