FRACTORA Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are pink, red, purple, or white lines on the skin caused by rapid, excessive expansion of the skin. When skin is stretched too far, the collagen-based structure within the dermis (the layer underneath the epidermis) can break or rupture. When this critical support structure for the epidermis is compromised, the skin becomes thin and stretched and scar tissue develops, leading to the long, wide, unsightly marks we know as “stretch marks”. While stretch marks do not cause discomfort or lead to any medical problems, they can cause acute embarrassment and dramatic loss of self-confidence and unfortunately, many traditional remedies such as creams and lotions are simply not effective.


SkinScience Clinic, located in the heart of Calgary, is pleased to offer a powerful new way to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and regenerate smooth, healthy, beautiful new skin: FRACTORA™ stretch mark treatment. In fact, FRACTORA™ treatments offer a significant advancement over other methods of stretch mark removal:


  1. Unlike creams and lotions, FRACTORA™ stretch mark treatment sparks the growth of new collagen and new, healthy skin tissue to entirely eliminate the appearance of most visible stretch marks
  2. Unlike surgery (which can only eliminate stretch marks on the abdomen), FRACTORA™ stretch mark treatments can be used to eliminate stretch marks anywhere on the body!


Am I A Candidate for the FRACTORA™ Stretch Mark Treatment?


The FRACTORA™ stretch mark treatment is perfect for anyone who has stretch marks on their abdomen, shoulders, thighs, hips, and buttocks as a result of:


  • Rapid growth and hormone fluctuations during puberty
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Rapid weight gain and loss
  • Excessive build-up of muscle due to body-building and weight-lifting
  • Use of performance-enhancing steroids by athletes and bodybuilders


How Does FRACTORA™ Stretch Mark Treatment Work?


The key to successfully improving the appearance of stretch marks lies in rebuilding existing collagen and generating new collagen deep within the dermis. This powerful semi resurfacing procedure harnesses the power of radio frequency to gently remove thin layers of skin around the stretch mark and disintegrate the scar tissue of the stretch mark itself. This process stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities to spark the remodeling of existing collagen strands, grow new collagen, and form new, healthy layers of skin in place of the stretch mark.


Recovery and Results


Side effects from FRACTORA™ stretch mark treatments are minimal and temporary, usually involving redness and tenderness in the target area for several days. Severe stretch mark removal requiring intensive treatments may require longer healing time, however.


For optimal results, most patients require multiple treatment sessions, depending on the scope and severity of the stretch marks. Patients with extremely severe stretch marks will see significant reduction in the visibility of their stretch marks, but it may not be possible to eliminate these stretch marks entirely.


Want to know of you are a good candidate for FRACTORA Stretch Mark treatment? Book your FREE stretch mark consultation today!



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