February is on its way out the door, and we are looking forward to spring! As always, we have had a blast (we firmly believe in having fun in all we do)!  The Grand Finale to laser hair removal month is a top ten count down about Laser Hair Removal. Without further ado, the top ten!


10) Not having to buy razors anymore! 

To buy good razors is expensive.  Plus disposable ones are just band for the environment.  Heaven forbid you forget to buy more just before a date night or trip to the pool – yikes!


9) Living distraction free!  

Everyone has had it happen, you accidentally discovered “that hair” sitting in a meeting or having coffee with a friend and loose focus wondering if whomever you are speaking too can see “that hair” or maybe, just maybe “that hair” is waving back at them????? Paranoid perhaps? Of course it is! However we have all been there.  Get “that hair” lasered for good and there is no more need for the paranoia.


8) Ready in a jiffy! 

Daily getting ready routines are sooooooo much faster! No magnifying lamp needed to check for the above discussed errant hair.  No worries going to the pool or beach, you will look smooth and chic, without any sneaky hairs you don’t want.


7) New laser technologies, mean better treatments!

The most up to date lasers (like our Inmode Diolaze) offer treatments that are faster, safer, more comfortable and work better! Everything about this is awesome!


6) You get to see us and we get to see you! 

We know, we know, it sounds corny. But we really do love our clients and what we do! Over the years laser hair removal is one of the treatments that makes people so happy, and we LOVE that! We would love to see you for some laser hair removal so you could experience that as well!


5) No more razor burn!

This is often one of the first positive things people experience with starting a series of laser hair removal treatments. Razor burn hurts, it’s itchy, uncomfortable and looks bad, which leaves you feeling self-conscious.  Laser hair removal eliminates all of that!


4) No more ingrown hairs!

Ingrowns hurt, they look bad, they are hard to heal from and worst of all they can leave scars.  Laser hair removal eliminates all of that!


3) Smooth, soft skin!

No more stubbly legs, or itchy backs. Just smooth skin!


2) Confidence gained and restored!

Being able to wear a bathing suit or shorts without worry about how it looks is life changing! The same can be said for being at the lake and not wearing a shirt to hide back hair! You can buy the sleeveless dress and not worry about your underarms! Laser hair removal restores confidence!


1) It works!

What we love the most? How well it works! The science behind laser hair removal is substantial, and you know we love being able to back up what we do with science! The physics of how it works,  and why it works allow us to be extremely confident in recommending this awesome treatment!


The number one thing we hear after a series of laser hair removal treatments is “I don’t know why I waited”. We would love to see you for this awesome treatment! Don’t wait and waste time wishing you’d done it sooner. Our specials are available for purchase for one more week then we are done with laser hair removal specials for the rest of the year, so buy yours now before time runs out!

Click on the following images to purchase our Laser Hair Removal February deals!



Or call the clinic to find out if you are a good candidate and purchase over the phone!

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