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Top 4 Antioxidants you need in your skin care routine


Antioxidants, what are they and why do I need them? 


This is a question that we get a lot here at SkinScience. People come to us to have a better understanding of skin health and a better skincare routine; antioxidants are often something that is missing. This is a very important key to healthy skin and aging gracefully. 


Of course you have always heard ‘eat your berries, they’re full of antioxidants!’ This is true, as we need them internally, however, topically is equally important for our skin. We would need to eat an incredibly large amount of berries to have the same effect as a topically applied product, to protect our skin. 


So here it is – antioxidants protect against free radical damage. Free radical damage is when our cells are attacked and can be put under oxidative stress, which plays a role in premature aging of the skin, hyperpigmentation, triggering inflammatory conditions like eczema and acne, as well as skin cancers. As we age there are less antioxidants available, combine that with the constant attack of free radicals and the balance is lost. If a healthy cell is attacked, it will spend half or more of its energy trying to fight off the attacker, instead of functioning properly. This is something we face every day. Our environment is full of pollution and is attacking our skin from the moment we wake up. In short, antioxidants are free radical warriors! 


For example; have you ever noticed once you slice open an apple it starts to turn brown? This is because of oxidative stress. Now, if you apply lemon juice to the open flesh of the apple, this will stop it from browning. This is because lemon is full of antioxidants. Side note, you would never want to apply lemon juice to the skin; it can actually have a harmful reaction with sun exposure and cause an unsightly and uncomfortable rash! 


Now that you have a visual for the power of antioxidant protection, let’s apply it to the skin. Here at SkinScience we have a many favorite options for skin-safe antioxidants. 



has been a longtime industry favorite for skin professionals. Along with its antioxidant properties it also brightens and stimulates collagen. L-ASCORBIC ACID has been a leading form of vitamin C for many years. Our favorite products containing L-ascorbic acid are SkinCeuticals CE FERULIC (for normal to dry skin) and SkinCeuticals PHLORETIN CF (for normal to combination, non acne prone skin). They have two options depending on your skin type. That said, not everyone can tolerate L-ascorbic acid well. Not to worry, another fantastic and industry leading form of vitamin C is TETRAHEXYLDECYL ASCORBATE found in our very own Aliquote Skin ADVANCED YOUTH COMPLEX (for all skin types, even sensitive ones). 


Some other well-known antioxidants include; 



The active antioxidant in green tea is Polyphenols, not only does it fight free radical damage but is also an anti-inflammatory (helps reduce redness and inflammation) and works against a decrease in collagen breakdown. Our favorite product containing green tea is Aliquote Skin SENSICALM LOTION



has been proven that topical application has many potential skin benefits, including improved skin hydration, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, decreased brown spots, improved skin redness/blotchiness, and better skin elasticity. Our favorite product containing niacinamide is DermaQuest NIACINAMIDE YOUTH SERUM



is naturally found in berries and red wine (no, we can’t only drink our antioxidants). Resveratrol possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies suggest that topically applied resveratrol protects against UVB-induced photodamage, pigmentation, and collagen degradation. One of our favorite products containing resveratrol is DermaQuest STEM CELL 3D EYE LIFT and SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE


Needless to say, no matter what your skin type we have a form of antioxidant protection to suit your needs. 




1) You’ll get a better protection by wearing your antioxidant during the day. Think rush hour traffic and all the pollution that you’re sitting in. (we certainly hope you don’t have that same level of pollution where you sleep!) 


2) Most vitamin C or antioxidant serums work best applied to cleansed skin. Cleanse, tone and then apply your antioxidant — you can layer other serums, creams and SPFs on top. Always layer thinnest to thickest. 


3) Make sure to finish by applying a mineral sunscreen for added protection (we prefer mineral SPF vs chemical SPF but that is for another post!) 


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Which Vitamin C Serum is Right For You?

Which Vitamin C Serum is Right for You?


With so many vitamin C products that are on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? There are serums, creams, cleansers and more.  Lucky for you, we are here to help!  Here are our favourites by skin type;


Dry Skin

Dry skin can be more sensitive to many products.  So, choosing the right vitamin c product can be a little harder.  Our number one pick for dry skin?


Vivier Kine CThis product is a mix of Viviers’ amazing vitamin c serum with an extra dose of peptides in a slightly more humectant base for increased hydration.  It is a sure-fire way to perk up dry dehydrated skin.


For an at home treatment that will help deeply hydrate and remove dulling dead skin we recommend:


DermaQuest C-Infusion MaskThis masque utilizes vitamin C and potent fruit enzymes to refresh dry tired skin and keep it fresh.

Dermaquest C Infusion TX Masque


Reactive Skin

If you have rosacea, or reactive skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can be incredibly beneficial. Finding a product that you don’t react to can be a challenge.  Our go-to starter for sensitive and reactive skin?


Vivier Serum 5With a lower dose of the L-Ascorbic Acid and some soothing peptides, it is extremely well tolerated even by the most reactive skin types.  It even works well on the delicate eye area.

VivierSkin Eye Serum 5 15ml


Early Signs of Aging

Are you just starting to notice the beginning signs of aging? For skin that has just a few fine lines and the precursors to visible sun damage, we recommend


Dermaquest C-Infusion Serum AND C-Infusion EyeThis creamy, hydrating serum can double as a light weight day cream for many people. It contains enough vitamin c to slow down collagen degradation and the formation of wrinkles, while the active peptides help reduce existing fine lines.



Acne Prone or Combination Skin


If you are mildly to moderately acne prone, our number one pick is

Vivier Serum 20This serum contains a high dose of L-Ascorbic acid, which is a mild AHA. The vitamin c will help prevent acne scars from forming, as well as promote healing of breakouts once they have run their course.

Visibly Aging and Resistant Skin


If you are past just having a few fine lines, and have moved on to skin that is definitely showing the signs of aging, the we like to kick it up a notch with:


Vivier C+E Peptide SerumThis serum contains an extra anti-oxidant in the form of Vitamin E, which will aid greatly in the repair of deeper wrinkles.  Vitamin E is an amazing addition for skin that is resistant to change with just vitamin c on its own.


Hormonally Uneven Skin

(Melasma aka Pregnancy Mask)


If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, Vitamin C makes a very safe option to slow down the progression of Melasma (also called Pregnancy Mask). It is completely safe to use during pregnancy and or while breastfeeding.  It won’t clear it up completely, but Vitamin C’s natural brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, make it a perfect ingredient for this challenging condition. Our first pick during pregnancy is: Dermaquest C-Infusion Cleanser, C-Infusion Serum and if needed C-Infusion Eye Cream.


Dermaquest C Infusion Serum

Melasma unfortunately is not curable. For many women, it can be a real post baby struggle to clear it up.  However, once you are done with your pregnancy (and breastfeeding) journey, we can incorporate a few other ingredients to help increase the positive effects of the Vitamin C.

Our go to for melasma after pregnancy?

Vivier Seequin IDS 4This serum utilizes a 4% Hydroquinone in addition to the L-Ascorbic acid to maximise the reduction in melasma and keep it at bay. By combining both of these active ingredients we are able to see greater clearing in melasma than with each ingredient on its own.

VivierSkin Seequin 4 IDS Skin Lightening Serum 30ml


If you would like further analysis of your skin to determine the best course of action for you, give us a call at 403-287-1477.


We would love to see you for a consultation and help you on the path to glowing, healthy skin!






Our Top Three Anti-Oxidant Treatments in Clinic.

We love our anti-oxidants and we hope by now you’ve caught our enthusiasm for theses amazing aging busters. We have discussed what anti-oxidants do, how they prevent and treat aging. Now lets talk about how to get a good dose of these free radical fighters.


We try to have every client possible using an anti-oxidant component to their daily maintenance routine. But what about corrective doses? We have several in clinic anti-oxidant treatments.  These treatments offer a higher dose of anti-oxidants than you can get in any at home product.  At SkinScience we love a good analogy, so think of it like this; Your vehicle needs regular maintenance, things like oil changes, checking the tire pressure etc etc. Even if you follow the recommended maintenance program, eventually your vehicle is going to need a repair. Sometimes things just wear out eventually, or maybe there was damage cause by something out of your control.  Your skin is very much the same.  Daily maintenance is absolutely crucial, but repairs will still be needed. Your anti-oxidant treatments in clinic with us, are your time to repair some of the damage that leads to aging skin, on a deeper level.


Here are our (and our clients) favourites:


Dermaplaning + Vitamin C Peel


This is soooooo loved by our patients, it is hands down one of our most popular treatments.  We start with a dermaplaning, and follow it with our custom-made Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Peel.  Our proprietary blended Vitamin C Peel is something we have custom made to our exacting standards, just for our clients.  Performing a dermaplaning prior allows for maximum absorption of this high dose anti-oxidant for your skin. It leaves skin feeling smooth, fresh, more hydrated and brighter. The best part is the vast majority of clients experience very little redness or downtime!


Four Layer Lift


The Four Layer Lift is a treatment we designed for people who have sensitive skin or might just be more sensitive to higher percentages of Vitamin C, or individuals who need deeper hydration.  It’s a series of Anti-Oxidants and fruit enzymes.  The enzymatic action allows for deeper penetration of the anti-oxidants as well as deep hydration for very dry skin.


Dermaplaning Facial


A dermaplaning facial is slightly longer than our Mini Dermaplaning. It allows for the application of a custom designed series of masques and or treatment serums.  In this treatment, we can assess what your skins greatest needs are and design a post treatment application process to address those concerns! Your skin gets exactly what it needs!


Call today to book your anti-oxidant treatment! If you are not sure which treatment will give you the greatest result, let us know! We would love to guide you through the process!

(403) 287-1477







Keep the Lemon Juice off Your Face!

Pollution is a real threat to your skin.  Free radicals found in pollution terrorize cells, leaving them damaged and not able to function.  We discuss with every patient how vital anti-oxidants are to your skins overall health and to stopping aging in its tracks. Our favourite anti-oxidant is of course Vitamin C.


Regularly clients ask “can’t I just use lemon juice?”  To be fair, there are 10 things that can be listed in quick succession that would be worse to put on your skin (a dirty sock comes to mind). Having said that, please do not put lemon juice on your face!


Lemons and other citrus fruits are delightful sources of vitamin c. They contain loads of naturally occurring citric acid.  Citric has an anti-oxidant effect, but not nearly the anti-oxidant effect of L-Ascorbic Acid.  Lemons do contain L-Ascorbic Acid (which is vitamin C), but not in the same percentages that we are able to offer in pharmaceutical grade serums. To say it plainly, lemon juice is just not nearly as effective as an anti-oxidant as a pharmaceutical grade serum.


Even with that information, you still might be tempted to save a few bucks and make your own lemon based treatment product at home.  Unfortunately, lemon juice has some very serious risks associated with using it.


Citrus fruits contain something called furocoumarins. These are naturally occurring compounds which react when exposed to UV radiation (Sunlight).  When furocoumarins are exposed to sunlight, they can cause deep sunburns, darkening of melasma, hyperpigmentation, rashes and more. In fact, in 2015 researchers at Brown University (Rhode Island, US) were able to conclusively show an increase in Malignant Melanoma rates for induvial exposed to a specific furocoumarin called psoralen, found in citrus fruits!


This is why pharmaceutical grade products are so amazing!  They offer all of the benefits of an anti-oxidant without the risks associated with the furocoumarins!


There is another train of thought regarding lemon juice applied directly to skin.  Lemon juice has some awesome anti-bacterial properties.  However, because of its ph, it doesn’t target just the bad bacteria. It indiscriminately targets all bacteria, even the naturally occurring good bacterial flora that help maintain healthy skin. Pharmaceutical grade vitamin c products are created with an adjusted ph for maximum absorption, to maintaining the activity of the ingredients, and not damage the natural flora of the skin.


Lastly, because lemon juice has such a low ph, it has the ability to damage the skins natural protective barrier.  When this barrier is damaged, it is not able to perform its prime purpose of keeping bad things out. When this barrier is impaired, pollutants and free radicals are able to more easily gain entry to your skin and cause even more damage.


To find the anti-oxidant serum that is right for your skin and sure to give safe, consistent results, give us a call! We would love to see you for a consultation! Or, purchase a ticket for our Anti-Oxidant Event on June 22 by calling (403) 287-1477  and see anti-oxidants in action first hand!







What is a Free Radical?

We have all heard about how truly awful free radicals are. We hear about them, we read about them. We try to eat our blueberries, because we heard that blueberries fight them, but do we really know what free radicals do or what they are? I mean, I know we “know”……. but do we actually know?

For those of us that don’t remember high school chemistry class, here is a refresher;

A free radical is any molecule that can live on its own, that also has an unpaired (missing) electron.  A free radicals purpose in life is to steal an electron from another molecule, so that it can become balanced (unbalanced molecules are very unhappy, and are on a bit of rampage until they can be balanced). Once a free radical steals an electron from a healthy (well balanced) molecule that once healthy molecule is not able to function as it should, as now it is seeking its missing electron instead of fulfilling its designated purpose.  It is now seeking to replace its stolen electron, creating a chain reaction once it does.  This chain reaction is referred to as oxidative stress, and is thought by some to be the primary cause of aging. Yikes!

Free radicals are all over the place.  Some serve a purpose. In cases of illness, your body can release specific ones, in order to target and cause damage to viruses, so that you can get better. Having said that, there are soooo many that we do NOT need.  We come across them everywhere.  They can be released when we are exposed to UVA/UVB rays, they are found in pollution, tobacco smoke, heavy metals, pesticides, industrial solvents and list goes on and on.  It’s actually quite frightening knowing that they are literally everywhere, and that exposure can lead aging faster (and A LOT of other health problems) due to oxidative stress. Which then puts us in the position of wondering what the heck to do about it?

The answer fortunately is simple.  Anti-oxidants.  These lovely molecules are the heroes that rescue us from the nasty oxidative stress cycle. Remember the rampaging free radical with the missing electron? Anti-oxidants donate an electron, rendering that free radical inert. Calming it down and breaking the cycle of oxidative stress.

Anti-oxidants can be found in many places as well.  Some of the most well-known are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and there are so many more that are not as well know. Ideally  anti-oxidants should be supplied to the body through diet as well as applied to the skin topically.

At SkinScience we have multiple sources of topical anti-oxidants. We have cleansers, serums, masques, eye creams and more.  We also offer some incredibly unique anti-oxidant treatment options in the clinic as well.  We have invested our years of expertise in finding the products and treatments that offer stable, high quality anti-oxidants that give results!  There is a right anti-oxidant product out there for all skin types, and we have the knowledge in how to pair up the right skin type with the right treatment and product.

Call today to find out how to stop the rampaging free radicals in your life!

PS: For a sample of one of our favourite anti-oxidant serums stop by the clinic. To read about the full size, CLICK HERE:

Aliquote Skin Advanced Youth Serum