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SPF 105, Worth it or Waste of Money?

We have all been there, in the drug store, milling about in front of the rack of sunscreen, deciding between the SPF 30 and SPF 3 million.  The SPF 30 is one you’ve always used before, it has a nice texture….. but surely if the 30 is good, the bottle with the higher number MUST be better. Right?


No, not necessarily. As much as we would love to tell you that you should just get the bigger numbered bottle, it’s not that easy. Stick with us, and we will explain;


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.

An SPF in theory, is designed to multiply your body’s own natural sun protection by the number on the bottle.  If it’s a day with a high UV index, a person can start to burn in 7 minutes (yes, that quickly). An SPF of 30 will potentially extend that to just over 3 hours (7 x 30 = 210 minutes).  There are other variables to consider. Example: things like exposure to water and sweat will remove some of the SPF, reducing the length of time you are protected.


Health Canada and FDA approved sunscreens with and SPF of 30 will screen 97% of UVA and UBV rays you are exposed to for the 210 minutes we talk about above.

There were a few years there where everyone (many dermatologist included) where on the bigger is better bandwagon for sunscreens. It was an easy trap to get caught up in.  But then Health Canada noticed and interesting trend: people where burning.


Why were people getting sunburned while wearing SPF 105?  Many consumers know how SPF’s are designed to function, so using the same UV index as we used above, an SPF of 105 in theory should get you an additional 8 hours in the sun without needing to re-apply. The problem is here is twofold. Chemical sunscreens are not active in your skin for that many hours before they destabilize and stop working, and mineral sunblock which is not absorbed into the skin, is going to rub off, sweat off, shed off with natural skin cell turnover, etc etc. In short, they don’t last as many hours as the consumer thinks that they will.


What will an SPF 105 get you?

It will get you an additional 1%, as SPF of 50 or higher will screen 97-98% of UVA and UVB you are exposed to.


New Health Canada regulations were passed to protect consumers re SPF.  Health Canada determined that ultra-high SPF numbers, were misleading to people as ALL sunscreens should be re-applied every 2-3 hours to be effective. Health Canada put forth that SPFs of higher than 50 gave a false sense of security that resulted in more dangerous sun exposure. As such you will now see that there are SPFs of 50, and 50+, but no higher. You will also see that “Waterproof” labelling has been changed to the more accurate “Water Resistant”, as well as a few other minor changes that make SPF labeling more accurate. SkinScience is quite happy with these new guidelines! It makes for safer, more protected people!



The Golden Rules of Sunscreen

(pun intended!)


  • Pick a product you like! This is the absolute most important rule! If you don’t like it, you won’t wear it, SO YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT!!!! Oh, and make it at least an SPF 30.
  • Re-apply, every 2-3 hours. Sunscreens need 30 minutes from when they are applied to when they start working so re-application before the first application wears off is important!
  • Apply lots! At one time. You need to use enough product that you are working it in, not just skimming it across your skin. The biggest mistake made, is not applying enough.


When it comes down to it, if what you like is the highest number product, then go for it! But don’t break the bank on big numbers thinking they are better, because that is not always the case!


Want your sunscreen questions answered? Book your consultation (or follow up consultation) today and we will walk you through how it works, why it’s important and how to find the right product for you!











Which Vitamin C Serum is Right For You?

Which Vitamin C Serum is Right for You?


With so many vitamin C products that are on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? There are serums, creams, cleansers and more.  Lucky for you, we are here to help!  Here are our favourites by skin type;


Dry Skin

Dry skin can be more sensitive to many products.  So, choosing the right vitamin c product can be a little harder.  Our number one pick for dry skin?


Vivier Kine CThis product is a mix of Viviers’ amazing vitamin c serum with an extra dose of peptides in a slightly more humectant base for increased hydration.  It is a sure-fire way to perk up dry dehydrated skin.


For an at home treatment that will help deeply hydrate and remove dulling dead skin we recommend:


DermaQuest C-Infusion MaskThis masque utilizes vitamin C and potent fruit enzymes to refresh dry tired skin and keep it fresh.

Dermaquest C Infusion TX Masque


Reactive Skin

If you have rosacea, or reactive skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can be incredibly beneficial. Finding a product that you don’t react to can be a challenge.  Our go-to starter for sensitive and reactive skin?


Vivier Serum 5With a lower dose of the L-Ascorbic Acid and some soothing peptides, it is extremely well tolerated even by the most reactive skin types.  It even works well on the delicate eye area.

VivierSkin Eye Serum 5 15ml


Early Signs of Aging

Are you just starting to notice the beginning signs of aging? For skin that has just a few fine lines and the precursors to visible sun damage, we recommend


Dermaquest C-Infusion Serum AND C-Infusion EyeThis creamy, hydrating serum can double as a light weight day cream for many people. It contains enough vitamin c to slow down collagen degradation and the formation of wrinkles, while the active peptides help reduce existing fine lines.



Acne Prone or Combination Skin


If you are mildly to moderately acne prone, our number one pick is

Vivier Serum 20This serum contains a high dose of L-Ascorbic acid, which is a mild AHA. The vitamin c will help prevent acne scars from forming, as well as promote healing of breakouts once they have run their course.

Visibly Aging and Resistant Skin


If you are past just having a few fine lines, and have moved on to skin that is definitely showing the signs of aging, the we like to kick it up a notch with:


Vivier C+E Peptide SerumThis serum contains an extra anti-oxidant in the form of Vitamin E, which will aid greatly in the repair of deeper wrinkles.  Vitamin E is an amazing addition for skin that is resistant to change with just vitamin c on its own.


Hormonally Uneven Skin

(Melasma aka Pregnancy Mask)


If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, Vitamin C makes a very safe option to slow down the progression of Melasma (also called Pregnancy Mask). It is completely safe to use during pregnancy and or while breastfeeding.  It won’t clear it up completely, but Vitamin C’s natural brightening and anti-inflammatory properties, make it a perfect ingredient for this challenging condition. Our first pick during pregnancy is: Dermaquest C-Infusion Cleanser, C-Infusion Serum and if needed C-Infusion Eye Cream.


Dermaquest C Infusion Serum

Melasma unfortunately is not curable. For many women, it can be a real post baby struggle to clear it up.  However, once you are done with your pregnancy (and breastfeeding) journey, we can incorporate a few other ingredients to help increase the positive effects of the Vitamin C.

Our go to for melasma after pregnancy?

Vivier Seequin IDS 4This serum utilizes a 4% Hydroquinone in addition to the L-Ascorbic acid to maximise the reduction in melasma and keep it at bay. By combining both of these active ingredients we are able to see greater clearing in melasma than with each ingredient on its own.

VivierSkin Seequin 4 IDS Skin Lightening Serum 30ml


If you would like further analysis of your skin to determine the best course of action for you, give us a call at 403-287-1477.


We would love to see you for a consultation and help you on the path to glowing, healthy skin!






A Bright and Glow Experience; Miranda’s Story

Miranda first brought in her teenagers. She had three of them, all dealing with various levels of acne. As is the case with most mothers, her initial concern was for her kids.  As we got to talking during her children’s appointments, it came out that she had a few concerns regarding her own skin.


At the time she was just forty. She was feeling dull and tired looking, she didn’t like seeing the beginnings of wrinkles around her eyes and the sun spots were more noticeable than she liked.  We discussed her options, we discussed how alternating peels and manual exfoliating treatments increased the benefit of the IPL and she hesitantly took the plunge into her first treatment package. Forever a mother, Miranda was happy to spend money helping her children, but was hesitant to spend on herself.


Half way through her package, she started to see some real results and the excitement began! Each time she was in, that feeling built! At the end of her package she was thrilled! Her skin was smoother, more radiant, her complexion was so even and the fine lines around her eyes were smaller.  She shared how glad she was that she had invested in herself! She shared that since finishing her treatments, she had enjoyed her morning getting ready routine more.  Getting ready for the day was now a positive experience that left her feeling ready for the day. Her excitement was contagious!


She immediately asked if she could do another package!  As happy as we were that she wanted to do another treatment package right away, her skin was in such good shape, that she really didn’t need to.


She did return a year later with the express desire and purpose to sign up for another package and we happily obliged! It became her yearly maintenance to maintain fresh, glowing skin.  We saw her for several years until her husband was transferred to another city for work.


Miranda’s story is one we see so often, being consumed by the care of the important people in our lives and letting ourselves slip by the wayside.  Taking a few moments now and again for self care and investing in ourselves is too frequently set aside.


It’s time for you!  Call today and let us help you invest in yourself!



Do Treatment Packages Work Better?

Last week we had a consultation with an awesome guy.  He was wanting to shrink the large pores on his nose and get rid of the redness in the midsection of his face.  We discussed his treatment options, including some of our treatment packages. He then asked “Do I need a package; can’t I just do the treatments?”.


My response was honest.  Of course, he could just do the treatments.  But I thought that I would share with you, what I shared with him.  The reasons why the treatment packages we offer at SkinScience are often the better choice.


All of our treatment packages (including this month’s focus the ‘Bright and Glow’ package) are very specially designed to give maximum benefit and achieve maximum results. We love our analogies at SkinScience, so here is an easy one to better illustrate.


Think about renovating your home.  Would you use one tool to do all of your renovations?  How about one paintbrush to paint an entire room? No, you would use multiple tools to get the job done.  For painting you would have rollers for the large walls, small brushes for the edging, and another set for the trim work.  Our skin care treatment packages are designed to do the same for your skin.


Last week we introduced you to our very popular, very effective “Bright and Glow Package”.  There are three of each of three separate treatments included in that package, and the final result is greater than the sum of its parts.


The ‘Bright and Glow’ package will shrink your large pores, first by exfoliating with the peel, stimulating collagen during the dermaplaning, and then stimulating deeper collagen with the IPL.  The dermaplaning and peel will help lighten brown spots before the IPL knocks them out.  The dermaplaning and peels will make it easier for the IPL to target visible capillaries and eliminate them. Do you see the crossover between all three of the treatments?  This means that areas of concern are targeted from multiple different sides, reducing the chances that a brown spot or large pore will escape and not respond.


Lastly there are the real-life components to treatment packages.  Realities like: It allows us to offer clients a bit of a price break, so that the treatments we love are just a little bit more affordable for you. Realities like: we found that having a package helps individuals follow through with completing the required number of treatments in the right time frame to get the best possible results. This means, we have happier clients, with brighter glowing faces.


To learn more about what the the “Bright and Glow” package click here:

Why Our “Bright + Glow” Package Is So Amazing


To book a consultation and learn which of our treatment packages can help you have the skin you’ve always wanted call the clinic today and get started on your path to amazing skin!

(403) 284-1477

Introducing “Bright + Glow” ~ SkinScience’s New Treatment Package!

A complexion that is smooth and bright, who doesn’t want that? So many of us desire to be able to wear less makeup, and still look naturally radiant, to have that natural glow.


Now, at SkinScience we have a way all of that can be yours!


Introducing our newest package of in-clinic treatments, the ‘Bright + Glow’ Skin Package.


Marie and I will both tell you that combining different treatments will maximize results. The ‘Bright + Glow’ treatment package allows us to target specific concerns from different angles, optimizing the final result.  This package is a total of 6 treatments, with each treatment being performed once every two weeks.  Alternating between Dermaplaning combined with our custom designed Radiance Peel, and our IPL laser technology (photo rejuvenation).


This package was designed using data collected over years that shows having a mid level exfoliating treatment (like a peel or dermaplaning) prior to an IPL treatment increases the efficacy of the IPL by up to 30%!


That’s huge! This package is designed for anyone that has sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries or redness that dulls his or her glow.  It is designed to create skin that is smooth to the touch, more even in tone and texture and bring back the glow that is so often dimmed with the return of fall.  Bonus: many people notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles too!


Priced at just $999 this saves you over 40%. Money in your pocket and smoother, brighter, happier skin!


Call today to book your appointment! You won’t be sorry!



Your anti-aging experts,


Mikelle & Marie


PS: For this package only, we are now offering a 3-month payment program! Sign up and pay for your package over 3 months, no interest or fees! Call the clinic for details ~ 403-287-1477