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What Works for Your Friend Might Not Work for You (The Truth About Skin Care Products)


Every day, patients come in and tell us: “Well, I purchased this $250 product at a department store because it worked for my friend. I’ve been using it faithfully for 2 month now, and I’m not sure that I see results.”


Patients need to understand that everybody’s DNA is unique, and so their skin care should be. Nobody will age the same way, at the same rate, with the same symptoms. Aging skin looks differently on different people. Could be fine lines and wrinkles, lack of firmness, lack of elasticity, lack of radiance, brown spots and sun damage, redness, sensitivity, large pores, dark circles…. one person might be presenting one of visible signs of aging (ex: only wrinkles), another person might show 3 signs (ex: wrinkles, large pores and lack of firmness), another person 3 different ones (ex: brown spots, large pores, lack of radiance) and another all of them at once.

Since aging has a strong genetic component (also referred as intrinsic aging), people say that can look at your mom to have a good idea of how you are going to look later in life. It’s partially true, but that’s not enough to explain one’s aging – as the environment and lifestyle also has a strong influence on the long term aging of the skin (also referred as extrinsic aging). And even then, different people will be affected differently by different extrinsic causes.





So why is it that a product would work well for one person, and not at all for the other?

For one, it depends on what the product does, and that comes down to which active ingredient (or blend of ingredients) that is/are included in the cream/lotion/serum. Let’s say that an anti-aging product contains an ingredient like hydroquinone to work on pigmentation and brown spots. One person with brown spots and freckles will be a happy with the results, but if another person is using it as an anti-aging product (as it is labelled) but doesn’t have brown spots to begin with, and wants to work on her wrinkles, hydroquinone is not going to work for her wrinkles because it’s a lightening agent. For that second person to be happy about the results from the cream, it would need to contain ingredients that boost collagen, elastin, glycans, hyaluronic acid to work optimally on improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Making sure to have anti-glycation and anti-MMPs ingredients would surely be an added bonus, as they work indirectly on the skin’s fiber content. If a third person, showing signs of aging like wrinkles AND brown spots, was using that anti-aging hydroquinone-based product, she would be PARTIALLY happy with the results because that cream would work on evenness of the skin, but she wouldn’t be happy when it comes to wrinkle improvement.


I personally have found that a lot of people use anti-aging products that are not targeted towards their particular symptoms of aging.


A product can be labeled “anti-aging” because it contain Matrixyl 3000 (a well-known anti-aging peptide that boosts collagen) but if your wrinkles are caused by glycation, free radicals, inflammation and lack of elasticity, you will not see results from using a Matrixyl-based cream.

Since it is difficult to define the intrinsic causes of aging without a DNA-based test, and that the skin care industry is starting to understand that not all wrinkles are created equal, we see more and more multitasking products. In my experience, these so called “multitasking” products usually address 1-2 maybe 3 aspects of skin aging, but never all.

Another aspect to consider in a product’s activity on the skin is how it is formulated. An important aspect of skin care formulation is the pH (or hydrogen potential) – an indicator of the acidity or alkalinity of a product. It is based on a scale from 1-14, 1 being very acid, 7 being neutral pH and 14 being very alkaline. The pH of a product is important for the activity on the skin of certain active ingredients, such as glycolic acid for example.

Thirdly, it is common knowledge that different people can get very different results with the same product. Experts usually explain this fact by variations in individual body chemistry. Sometimes it is indeed true. However, quite often the truth is far simpler. Different people often get different results because they apply skin care products differently.


Generally, the following optimal conditions apply:

1. CLEANSE: Before applying skin care products, make sure your skin is properly cleansed. The best time to apply skin care products is after you are fresh out of a warm shower or bath because not only is your skin clean but it is also thoroughly moist and should better absorb whatever you apply to it.


2. EXFOLIATE: The uppermost layer of the skin, called stratum corneum, is composed mostly of dry, dead cells. If this layer becomes too thick, as in aged or poorly maintained skin, active ingredients of a skin care product have trouble penetrating deeply enough to have an effect. The skin needs to be well exfoliated to be able to absorb active ingredients better.


3. DAMPEN SKIN: Moist, hydrated skin absorbs active ingredients better because active ingredients can penetrate better when they are dissolved.


4. SHORT FIRM STROKES: Use short, firm strokes to apply skin care products (it is best to use the middle finger). Do not stretch the skin. Do not rub. After applying, gently tap the area with your fingers for half a minute.


Finally, your lifestyle (or how well you control the aspects of potential extrinsic aging). You can use the best products for wrinkles and brown spots, if you continue smoking, lounging in the sun, not using sun protection, not staying hydrated and eating high glycemic foods, you will not see optimal results from your skin care cream and procedures.




Got questions on how to best address the specific symptoms YOU see in the mirror? Looking for the best products and procedures for YOU, and stop wasting money on products that don’t work?

Your 1-hour personalized consultation awaits. We look forward to seeing you soon.  403-287-1477



Argireline = the ‘Botox in a Bottle’ Peptide #IngredientHighlight

Argireline is a well-known peptide (small chain of amino acids) & is often termed as ‘Botox in a bottle’.
Argireline is what we would class as a neuropeptide. When we use the muscles in our face for expression, the nerves send a signal to the muscle to contract. When we overuse these muscles we develop more permanent expression lines that can be seen when the face is relaxed.
Argireline interrupts the signal that is sent from the nerve to the muscle which in turn keeps the muscle in a more relaxed state. The effect of peptides is cumulative. Results are seen as soon as two weeks, with continuous improvement over 12 months.
Our favorite argireline-based product? (And a best seller at the clinic)
?DermaQuest Peptide Line Corrector? is a combination of 8 different peptides including Matrixyl, Syn-Coll, Sn@ke, Rigin, Eyeliss & Regu Age, Snap-8 & Argireline at a total of 60%. Best applied both morning & night.

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Mikelle, Marie, Nivean and Misean

Introducing “Bright + Glow” ~ SkinScience’s New Treatment Package!

A complexion that is smooth and bright, who doesn’t want that? So many of us desire to be able to wear less makeup, and still look naturally radiant, to have that natural glow.


Now, at SkinScience we have a way all of that can be yours!


Introducing our newest package of in-clinic treatments, the ‘Bright + Glow’ Skin Package.


Marie and I will both tell you that combining different treatments will maximize results. The ‘Bright + Glow’ treatment package allows us to target specific concerns from different angles, optimizing the final result.  This package is a total of 6 treatments, with each treatment being performed once every two weeks.  Alternating between Dermaplaning combined with our custom designed Radiance Peel, and our IPL laser technology (photo rejuvenation).


This package was designed using data collected over years that shows having a mid level exfoliating treatment (like a peel or dermaplaning) prior to an IPL treatment increases the efficacy of the IPL by up to 30%!


That’s huge! This package is designed for anyone that has sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries or redness that dulls his or her glow.  It is designed to create skin that is smooth to the touch, more even in tone and texture and bring back the glow that is so often dimmed with the return of fall.  Bonus: many people notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles too!


Priced at just $999 this saves you over 40%. Money in your pocket and smoother, brighter, happier skin!


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Your anti-aging experts,


Mikelle & Marie


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Proof that Medical Grade Skin Care is Better (and why it could take up to 3 years to get the same results with a drugstore product)

I’ve been in the skin care business for over 15 years, and worked for the largest cosmetic company in the world, l’Oreal.


L’Oreal owns many companies, and people are rarely aware that skin care brands like Vichy, LaRoche Posay, Biotherm, Lancome, Garnier, Kiehl’s, Decleor and SkinCeuticals (amongst others) fall under the great l’Oreal umbrella.  You’d think they are in competition with each other, but in reality they are not. L’Oreal is smart with its marketing, so each brand has its own story, its own positioning, its own feel to reach out to as many consumer styles as possible.


But one thing that those brands have in common is access to the latest technologies stemming from l’Oreal’s research labs: l’Oreal Recherche.


L’Oreal Recherche invests millions of dollars each year in R&D, to come up with novel molecules that are active on the skin and will give them an advantage over their competitors. They patent thousands of molecules yearly. And then they spread it across the board (read: brands) in different products, different textures, different formulations, and at different concentrations.


In other words, these brands share a lot of the same active ingredients.



One of those molecules, Pro-Xylane™, was launched while I was working for l’Oreal. Vichy Laboratoires was the first one to launch a product with Pro-Xylane™, followed by Lancome the next year, then l’Oreal Paris, and so on and so forth.

In case you’re wondering, Pro-Xylane™ is a derivative of xylose, a monosaccharide (sugar) derived from plants. It is believed to work directly on the ECM (extra-cellular matrix), more specifically on the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) within the matrix. It also helps the DEJ (dermo-epidermal junction) regain its shape to better anchor the epidermis and dermis together.  It’s a great anti-aging molecule that has solid science behind it and it gives visible results.

Here is an example of how l’Oreal uses Pro-Xylane™ in different skin care lines:




A lot of clients have the misconception that medical-grade products are more expensive. While it is more of an investment on the initial purchase, the truth is that they are also more concentrated, which leads to better, faster results.


Based on the example above, here’s the actual quantity of Pro-Xylane™ per jar:

> L’Oreal Revitalift: 3% X 50g = 1.5g of Pro-Xylane™ per jar

> Vichy Neovadiol: 3% X 50g = 1.5g of Pro-Xylane™ per jar

> SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter: 30% X 48g = 14.4g of Pro-Xylane™ per jar


In order to have the same dosage/quantity of Pro-Xylane™ delivered to the skin, you would need to purchase 10 jars of Revitalift for a total cost of $380 (10 jars X $38).



In order to have the same dosage/quantity of Pro-Xylane™ delivered to your skin, you would need to purchase 10 jars of Neovadiol for a total cost of $520 (10 jars X $52).




In other words, you would need to buy 10 jars of l’Oreal Revitalift or Vichy Neovadiol to get the same results as 1 jar of SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter! Puts your $165 investment in perspective now, doesn’t it?



SkinScience Clinic has been carrying the SkinCeuticals brand for over 7 years, and SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter is an excellent multi-tasking anti-aging product (that can be used on the face, neck, decollete and around the eyes). While it has a higher price point per jar, it is significantly more concentrated than it’s drugstore counterparts.


Here is a before and after comparison of a female patient using AGE Interrupter (30% Pro-Xylane™) daily for 12 weeks. The difference is quite spectacular!





Once again proving that in skin care, you get what you pay for.


In healthy skin always,

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.07.51 AM