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Would You Like a Single or a Double? (Fractora That is)

Fractora is a marvelous treatment. It tightens and firms your skin, it reduces acne scars, it shrinks wrinkles.  It gives delightful results in areas that are traditionally hard to get good results, like lip lines, crows-feet and forehead wrinkles. There is a reason it is one of our favorite treatments as well as a favorite of our clients.


At SkinScience, we do not believe in cookie cutter approaches to skin care. Every time you as our patient comes through our doors, we re-evaluate and re-analyze your skin. Through this constant and regular process, we get to know your skin and your goals very well.  This allows us to create the perfect plan for YOU, all while adjusting your plan and treatment to how YOUR skin responds and changes.


We extend constant re-evaluation and customization to all of our treatments, including our Fractora treatments. We have talked about the benefits of IPL boosted Fractora, but another customization option that you might be the ideal candidate for is our double Fractora.  Here are some of the differences between our Single Fractora and our Double Fractora:


Single Fractora

This is where we start most patients with their first Fractora treatment.  A Single Fractora uses one treatment head.  The treatment head used for this treatment will tighten and firm your skin, target fine lines, help improve shallow acne scars, shrink pores, shrink lines around your lips and create livelier looking skin. It can safely be used over your entire face including around the eyes and over areas considered “bony” like foreheads. A Single Fractora will also tighten and firm the skin on your neck, helping to reduce fine to medium sized wrinkles on your neck.


Double Fractora

A Double Fractora uses two treatment heads. The one we talk about above, AND one that targets deeper collagen. With a Double Fractora you will see all of the improvements we see with the single above, AND we can shrink/reduce jowls (sagging or uneven jawline) tighten your double chin, lift the cheeks to reduce nasal labial folds (deep smile lines) shrink deeper wrinkles and target medium to deep acne scars.


During a Double Fractora, we are able to layer the two treatment heads over the same area, ensuring the absolute maximum possible positive results, even in areas with multiple concerns. A Double Fractora treatment means we are able to offer you a more customized treatment. Custom treatments mean better results.


Add and IPL Booster

Yes, you can add an IPL booster to your Single Fractora or your Double Fractora for the best results possible.  Adding an IPL booster means your skin will be firmer, tighter, have less wrinkles AND be more even. (It really is like turning the clock back several years)


Who needs makeup when you have this amazing combination of treatments?


Not you!


Call today to find out what your perfectly customized treatment should be!


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Should You Do IPL Boosted Fractora?

At SkinScience, we work hard to have an extremely thorough consultation with each of our clients so that we have an in-depth understanding of what each individual client is hoping to achieve.  We also try hard to understand each client on a deeper level so we can understand which treatment path is the right one for them.


At the end of our one hour comprehensive consultation, we discuss treatment options. We frequently recommend different treatment options for different individuals.  At that point, we frequently get asked questions like:


“Why didn’t you recommend ___________, “ (Fill in blank with any other treatment)





“Why are you recommending IPL boosted Fractora instead of________”


There are several reasons we recommend the combination of IPL boosted Fractora instead of just recommending a facial or a peel, here are the most common reasons:


Every treatment has its limitations.

Or in other words, another treatment won’t give the results you are looking for. It would be awesome if a Dermaplaning could tighten a jawline, or eliminate wrinkles for the long term but it can’t. Same goes for peels, and facials. Facials area perfect for helping to create healthier skin, as well as giving a deep hydration boost, relaxation, extractions, and light exfoliation, but facials are not capable of targeting the deeper signs of aging. If you desire better results, you will need a better treatment.


You have your own unique aging concerns (aka what works for your girlfriend might not be what you need)

Every individual has their own unique aging story. Every person’s genetics and life experiences are unique to them, and create their own unique needs. Creating a cookie cutter treatment approach, doesn’t work as well as a treatment approach that targets each clients’ specific needs individually. In order for you to get the most ideal results, we take all of your unique needs into consideration.


You are seeking improvement to more than one issue and don’t want surgery.

Part of our consultation process is to take the time to listen, really listen to what you as our client really, really want.  If you have brought to our attention that you want maximum results, that are long lasting or permanent and you want to target more than one of the following at once:



-Large pores

-Sun spots


-Uneven Skintone

-Lack of firmness


-Uneven jawline


-Lines around the mouth

-Lines around the eyes or Crows-feet

-Firmer skin

-Acne scarring




Then it’s not likely a singular treatment will help as much as a combined therapy like IPL boosted Fractora.



Often clients come in with one primary concern. However, if you are one of the ones that desires improvement to more than one of the concerns listed above, then doing a combined treatment is the way to go. Doing treatments together always gives better results. (to read about how and why combined treatments work better, click here to read our previous blog post about it).


If you are interested in learning about your unique aging needs, give us a call! We live to help you find the ideal treatment for your unique needs.


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Top 10 Acne Fixes

We talk a lot about our years of combined experience.  It’s safe to say we’ve learned a few things over the years.  Here are our Top 10 Acne Fixes:

  • Don’t pick. If this could be number 2 and 3 without being redundant it would be. To say don’t pick is incredibly cliché. Every magazine article about acne will tell you the same. Having said that, anyone at SkinScience can honestly tell you that the worst things we’ve have had to correct in peoples skin over the years is hands down because they picked or squeezed or scratched or poked acne breakouts on their own face.
  • Cut the sugar. As painful as it is to hear, it needs to be cut. I know, I know….. it tastes so good! But the link between inflammation and sugar has been absolutely proven. So work at removing it from your diet, especially the sneaky sugar hiding in so many packaged foods (many with “Healthy” labels!).
  • Exfoliate. You probably read this one and went, “um, no kidding!”. With acne though, exfoliating does not mean ‘scrubbing’. When you have acne, using the wrong scrub can actually increase inflammation which can lead to more breakouts. Its best to exfoliate acne prone skin with and AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) or a BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) or both. (For the record, at SkinScience we only retail two scrubs, so finding one we approve of is hard, if in doubt, bring it in and we will check it out for you)
  • Ditch the makeup. Well, not all makeups. But definitely any foundation labeled “Long Lasting” (or akin), be very careful with any heavy coverage foundations. Unfortunately, if the molecular size of the ingredients in a makeup are too large to penetrate into a pore it can be labeled “non-comedigenic”, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t cause clogged pores by trapping oil and dead skin cells in a pore instead of letting it all out.
  • Reduce inflammation. This one can be a bit trickier, but it is so important. Pay attention to things that trigger an inflammatory response in your skin, and avoid them. Better yet, find products that contain ingredients like Niacinamide and Hexamidine which can reduce existing inflammation.
  • Nix bacteria. No brainer. Cleansing daily with an antimicrobial cleanser can make a world of difference in acne prone skin. Just make sure to avoid ingredients that can strip the skin as well and trigger that inflammatory response!
  • It’s often counter intuitive to hydrate skin that can be oily. But so many times, skin is oily BECAUSE it’s not hydrated properly. When your skin gets dehydrated, it compensates for the lack of water by increasing oil production. So, find a lightweight, oil free, silicone free serum or moisturizer.
  • Invest in a professional extraction. Repeat up to 3-4 times a year if needed. It’s not fair, you’ve been told to not pick at your own face, and now you have to get someone else to do it? A professional extraction is very different. Your risk of scarring is significantly reduced when you allow an experienced, trained professional to remove clogged pores. It is also more effective, and when done properly won’t increase acne breakouts.
  • Use a good Mineral SPF. Minerals are amazing. Not only do they protect your skin from the sun, (which can cause inflammation, increase oil production, and make acne scarring worse) but mineral SPF’s are also anti-inflammatory! In addition, they create an environment where bacteria cannot reproduce. A definite must have for acne prone skin.
  • Get a proper evaluation of your acne by an experienced professional. So many people struggle for years trying products that don’t work, or self-diagnosing and treating without having the required knowledge This can end up making things worse and wasting a small fortune in the process. Spend the time to get your acne looked at by an expert, and a proper plan in place to help heal your acne and prevent new acne from forming.


We would love to help you discover the causes of your acne and help you create the plan that clears your skin for good! Call to book your consultation and start on your path to clear skin today!


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Got Acne? Meet BPO! #IngredientHighlight #NoFilter

DID YOU KNOW ~ that Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) acts as an antiseptic/ antibacterial when applied to the skin?
Because P. acnes (the bacteria that causes #acne) can live in your pores (as it is a lipophilic, anaerobic bacteria), BPO works to reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria. BPO also performs two additional functions: the first is oxidization. This means that when applied to the #skin, benzoyl peroxide works to inject air into the pore (which is toxic for an anaerobic bacteria). The second function is to act as an ?anti-inflammatory?, reducing the redness and soreness that can accompany an acne lesion.
We love BPO products that also contain additional anti-inflammatory ingredients such as niacinamide (vitamin B3), oligopeptide 10, zinc, silver and aloe, to maximize the anti-inflammatory (anti redness) effects of the formula!
Our favorite BPO product? IMAGE Clear Cell Medicated #Acne Lotion! ???
?Available in-clinic only 403 287 1477

Deal with your acne for good!

Acne. It sucks. We all hate it.  But why do some people keep getting breakouts while others grow out of it?


The top contributing factors to acne breakouts are bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, hormones and inflammation. Each person dealing with acne has his or her own unique combination of those causes, making the successful treatment of acne very individual.


If we are being honest with you, acne can be incredibly, incredibly hard to treat and control.  Fortunately with our (over) 25 years of combined experience, we have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.  We start with an acne consultation, which includes taking the history of your skin and doing an analysis of your acne.  Once we’ve highlighted what your root causes are we take the following steps:


First: Remove problem products.  What you don’t use is just as (and sometimes more) important that what you are using.  Products that contain certain oils, waxes, silicones, often increase the number of pimples you are getting regularly.


Second: Create a balanced daily skin care routine.  On a daily basis we want to make sure that we are taking steps to reduce inflammation, creating an environment where bacteria cannot survive and that skin cells are being healthfully exfoliated in the way that is good for your skin. All while maintaining the perfect balance of water and lipids that your skin needs to stay healthy (see why it takes so much experience to make it work??).


Third: We outline a custom treatment plan.  More often than not with acne, a change in products just isn’t enough. We have FABULOUS treatments that will target acne directly and encourage skin to be the healthiest it can be.


Every step of the way we assess and reassess what your skins needs are.  We customize everything we do for you, so that your skin gets exactly what it needs and none of the fluff it can live without.


Call to book your acne consultation today!