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Marie's Blog

  • The Art of the Triple Cleanse ~ The New Way to Deep Clean Your Skin

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    cleansing BOO!! Hello Calgary, now that we have your attention… have you ever heard of triple cleansing? With Halloween right around the corner, we need to think about the best possible costume and amazing makeup to win top prize at all the parties we will attend. An equally important detail to think about is our

  • 10 Tips to Get your Skin Back in Shape after Thanksgiving

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    skincare Thanksgiving is over and we all feel stuffed (pun intended), bloated and uncomfortable. Looking in the mirror, it’s not only the larger waistline that is concerning but the dull, blemished & tired complexion staring back at us. Many people get back in the healthy swing of things by doing some form of cleanse, exercise

  • The Mineral Advantage ~ Why You Should Be Using Sun Protection Every Day

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    xx Aaaahhh Calgary! One minute it’s summer, and the next it’s winter. There’s just no in-between, and it has a HUGE impact on our skin’s health and hydration. One minute you are a sweaty, oily mess, the next, dry and flaky. But did you know that no matter the season, it’s best to wear sunscreen



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