The Maskne Essentials Trio @ 15% off

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Wearing protective face masks can lead to breakouts and irritation, also known as “maskne.” Check out our hand-picked essentials to help soothe skin and prevent future breakouts.

This trio of clarifying, exfoliating and calming products provide a solution to stubborn “maskne”. Use individually or target certain areas based on what your skin needs in that moment.

ALIQUOTE SKIN CLEAN SLATE SOLUTION (250ml) // Soothing, purifying toning solution to unclog pores and reduce redness.

ALIQUOTE SKIN AZACLEAR SERUM (30ml) // Complexion clearing oil-free serum to fight bacteria, while reducing oiliness, inflammation and acne scars.

ALIQUOTE SKIN NIGHTY NIGHT SPOT TX (30ml) //  The pimple blaster! Sulfur and zinc oxide to heal acne lesions overnight, while drying out blemishes and reducing pore size.

Beat maskne with this practical Essentials Trio! Say bye-bye maskne, hello smooth, calm complexion!



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