Hale Derma Pre and Post-Treatment Spray // 118ml (4 fl.oz.)

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Unleash the power of radiant skin with Hale Derma HOCl, a skincare solution that redefines skin health. Imagine a product that purifies, hydrates, cleanses and refreshes your skin – all without harmful chemicals. Hale Derma is your non-toxic and non-irritating secret weapon to reveal your skin’s true potential.



Skin Transformation: Hale Derma HOCl works wonders for those dealing with eczema, acne, dermatitis, rosacea, and post-procedure healing.

Versatility & Safety: This non-toxic, and non-irritating formula can be used independently or in conjunction with other procedures and products. Whether you’re at the clinic (pre & post-procedure) or at home, Hale Derma is your trusted companion.

Natural Defense & Skin Healing: Formulated with an optimal pH balance of 5.5, Hale Derma HOCl supports your skin’s natural defences. It promotes skin healing, reduces inflammation, and destroys harmful pathogens on the skin’s surface.

Fast & Easy: Hale Derma comes in an easy-to-use multi-purpose spray. Its versatility allows for quick applications, making it a must-have both in the clinic and at home.


How It Works

Hale Derma HOCl works its magic through a combination of processes:

  • Destroys pathogens through oxidation.
  • Inactivates toxins
  • Accelerates coagulation
  • Stimulates fibroblasts and accelerates migration
  • Boosts micro-circulation
  • Blocks tissue-damaging enzymes that hinder healing
  • Reduces local inflammation and mitigates uncontrolled inflammation
  • Directly interferes with local pain receptors
  • Amplifies the immune responses


How to Use

Clean application site. Shake lightly and spray 3-5 times. Blot or air dry. Repeat as needed throughout the day. May be used with your daily regimen. No rinsing required.


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