AnteAGE Stem Cell Facial Home System

$ 150.00

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The AnteAGE Stem Cell Facial-to-Glow has everything you need to maintain your skin health while social distancing. We have created this kit in a way that allows you to perform a facial at home until we reopen and can do more advanced treatments on your lovely visage.

Each kit has been designed for two complete microchanneling facials.

What’s Included in your kit:

  • 5 ml AnteAGE Cleanser
  • 10 ml Regenzyme exfoliant
  • Mini Fan
  • Disposable Towel
  • 5 ml Home Growth Factor Solution Vial
  • Microchanneling 0.25mm Stamp
  • 5 ml AnteAGE Serum
  • 5 ml AnteAGE Accelerator


Refer to Instagram Live video on @theskinscientist ‘s feed.