Aliquote Skin Soothing Lipid Repair 30ml

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Aliquote Skin Soothing Lipid Repair is an ultra-soothing oil-replenishing serum, for 24-hour comfort.

> A daily, lightweight nourishing serum to soothe red, inflamed, irritated skin and restore a healthy skin barrier.

> Perfectly adapted for dry, flaky skin, rosacea and skin prone to redness and blushing. Day after day, redness and blotchiness are reduced.

> Use the Aliquote Skin Soothing Lipid Repair in the morning and evening after your favourite treatment serum. Follow with your favourite moisturizer if more hydration is needed.



Lipids + Vitamin F // Blend of essential fatty acids (omega-6) and organic oils to replenish moisture and strengthen the skin barrier with continued use.

Vitamins E // Natural antioxidant to restore skin suppleness and protect against environmental stressors.

Lipochroman // Active designed to capture 3 different types of free radicals – ROS (reactive oxygen species), RNS (reactive nitrogen species) and RCS (reactive chlorine species), protecting skin cells from DNA damage, premature aging and lipid peroxidation. This vitamine-like molecule can assist cells in the elimination of free radicals from both the environment and the inner body, and prevents accelerated skin aging.


1 review for Aliquote Skin Soothing Lipid Repair 30ml

  1. Acara Kada

    I love love love this product. I work outside everyday walking dogs and play hard on the weekends snowmobiling, riding dirt bikes and basically out in the elements daily. My skin needs all the help it can get. I have been consistently using this barrier cream over my toner and under my sunscreen and I come home after rides or work less red and weathered!!! Thankyou skin science for keeping me looking young and less like on old leather bag!

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