Aliquote Skin No Injection Lip Plump

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Aliquote Skin No Injection Lip Plump is a concentrated lip plumping gloss to instantly improve lip hydration and circulation for younger, brighter and plumper lips.

> Visibly smoothes and plumps lips for a re-energized smile. Helps boost collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid for smoother lip contours.

> Infuses lips with long lasting plumping and hydrating effects, without drying out. Vitamin-enriched formula with delicious natural berry flavour.

> Use the Aliquote Skin No Injection Lip Plump  every 4 hours. The plush gloss applicator adapts to lip contour for an easy, precise application to the lip area.



Niacinamide // Also known as vitamin B3, this multitasking ingredient helps visibly minimize lip lines, improve uneven color, and reduce wrinkle depth. Also known to fortify skin’s barrier strength, boost hydration and promotes circulation for a visible lip plumping effect.

Anti-Aging Peptides // Powerful collagen-boosting ingredient that restores the structural network of the lips to improve volume, fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating Glycerin // Improves long-lasting lip moisture, texture and softness.


 - SkinScience

2 reviews for Aliquote Skin No Injection Lip Plump

  1. Caroline

    I love this product very much. I had some dryness and irritation problems with my lips before, with other lipsticks. I don’t know how this lip plump works exactly but since I use it, I don’t have problem anymore.

  2. Karen

    I love this lip plump, and it has a beautiful glisten to the lips too ?

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