Aliquote Skin Detox Micellar Gelee 180ml

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Aliquote Skin Detox Micellar Gelee is an ultra-cocooning micellar gel that gently cleanses away all impurities and pollution residue for fresh, soft and supple skin.

> Cleanses surface impurities: pollution particules, dust, dirt, makeup and excess oil without drying out the skin.

> The perfect first step to a double cleansing routine, for optimal makeup removal.

> Use the Aliquote Skin Detox Micellar Gelee as a first cleanse, massage and rinse. Follow with a second cleansing, using your favourite cleanser.



Chamomile // Helps reduce redness and irritation in sensitive skin, with a high tolerance profile.

Red Algae // A type of red algae with calming and hydrating properties.

Amino Acids // The building blocks of peptides and proteins that improves skin hydration and softness.


 - SkinScience

1 review for Aliquote Skin Detox Micellar Gelee 180ml

  1. Trina

    Skin cleansers are my favorite thing! I have about 5 I use regularly. This one is my all time go to, I love the fresh scent and how it takes off eye makeup with no stinging! I like to do a double cleanse with this one.

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