Aliquote Skin AzaClear Serum 30ml

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The Aliquote Skin AzaClear Serum is a treatment serum formulated with Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid to help minimize large pores, eliminate shine and reduce acne scars while fighting active pimples & blackheads.


> Specifically formulated to deal with frequent acne breakouts, acne scars, redness and inflammation. Can also be used to help manage rosacea and melasma.

> Inspired by the latest ingredients combination in the treatment of acne and pigmentation, Aliquote Skin AzaClear Serum features active ingredients that have been rigorously tested for their strong efficacy, long lasting effects and optimal skin tolerance.

> Use the Aliquote Skin AzaClear once to twice a day, after toning and before your treatment moisturizer or sunscreen.

> Apply a few drops of AzaClear Serum on the face and jawline, avoiding the delicate eye contour. Do not rinse. Follow with your favourite Aliquote Skin products.



Azelaic Acid // A type of acid known as a dicarboxylic acid derived from grains that offers numerous benefits when applied to skin. Azelaic acid can significantly diminish blemishes, acne, help fade the appearance of post-acne red marks and other discolorations, and reduce skin sensitivity that leads to redness and rosacea.

Niacinamide // Also known as vitamin B3, this multitasking ingredient helps visibly minimize pore size, improve redness and uneven tone, and reduce wrinkle depth. Also known to fortify skin’s barrier strength and boost hydration.

Salicylic Acid // Oil-soluble exfoliating ingredient that gently helps slough off dead skin cells and unclogs pores, for softer, smoother texture and tone.


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4 reviews for Aliquote Skin AzaClear Serum 30ml

  1. Lindsay Kardas

    I have very dry sensitive skin and have recently suffered from rosacea! This has helped keep my skin hydrated, evened the skin tone and kept the rosacea at bay! I really love this product and the fact that it helps keep my skin look amazing!

  2. Carmen MacDonald (verified owner)

    I have fair, sensitive, acne prone skin and I am prone to redness. This product makes my skin feel supple and hydrated. Since I added it to my Aliquote skin routine, I have had significantly fewer blemishes, my skin is softer and my redness has improved. It has become one of my favorite steps in my routine.

  3. Marie Bertrand

    I have acne, rosacea and sensitive skin. This serum is great to get my skin under control. I also find that I’m not as oily as I used to be. Doesn’t clog pores. 10/10.

  4. Trina

    This is a great daily serum to treat a variety of skin concerns. It keeps my skin clear, calms inflammation and evens skin tone. A must have in my routine.

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