Q: How do I get the tone/color on my face, neck and chest to match up? ~ Diane P., Calgary, AB


A: Thank you for your question Diane, we are glad you brought this up!

You are absolutely right ~ it looks odd when these three areas don’t match. We know that in healthy, “sun damage-free” skin, they do look the same, more even in terms of color and texture too.

The problem usually lies in the different amount of cumulative sun exposure (and sunburns) each area has had over the years.    Just look at that small protected area on the neck just under the chin (that rarely sees direct sunlight), if you have doubts about this.   Skin tends to develop slightly more yellow, reddish or brown tones with age, even in sun protected areas.  It all depends on your base skin type and phototype.

Here’s what to do:

> Think of these three areas as a unit and plan to treat them all to try to restore your natural skin color to all three areas (hint – look at the skin on your breasts or under your upper arms);


> Your may need different approaches to each area.  For example, the neck just a little non surgical tightening (such as RF/Radio Frequency treatments), the chest IPL if lots of red and brown, and the face  IPL or pulsed dye laser. Peels and Dermaplaning will also help accelerate the results.

For more info on RADIO-FREQUENCY

For more info on IPL PHOTOFACIALS

For more info on CHEMICAL PEELS

For more info on DERMAPLANING



> This can clearly take some time and money, so create a 2-3 years plan if needed and just take it slowly – you’ll get there! (think about how many years it took for your skin to become that way. Turning it around will require more than a month or two!)



> The more sun damage and the older you are, the LESS you can rely on skincare products and peels to help, and the more you will usually need to consider lasers, IPL and radio-frequency to make a real difference;


> Use science-based skin care products on your neck and chest and you MUST cover up or use sunscreen with a a high zinc product, every single day.


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Cheerfully yours,

Marie & the SkinScience team