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  When SkinScience was founded 12 years ago in Calgary, Marie wanted to launch something different – a skin care clinic that is strongly established in science, customization, and ethical, unbiased skin care recommendations. No other clinics offered such a concept at the time.  Nowadays, many clinics claim to offer “customized treatments”, but are they

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  Have you (or a loved one) been diagnosed with rosacea?    If so, we might be able to help you manage it. Take a look at the picture above – this is a before and after picture from a SkinScience patient who came to us a few months ago, complaining of redness and blushing

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  • Posted on 8 04 2018
  • By Mikelle Watterworth
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Who:  Heidi 36 years old, professional, mom of two Didn’t Like:  Frown lines that made her look tired and angry, breakouts on chin. Her Story:  Heidi came to SkinScience, tired of colleagues at work asking her if she was tired all the time.  She was frustrated by the consistent breakouts she had on her chin. 

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